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Deflect Launches LGE Launchpad Program

Why LGE Launchpad ?



How Does The LGE Launchpad Work ?

  • Deflect Team will build the token contracts and LGE contracts, deploy LGE, and then transfer ownership of third-party deployer to third-party.
  • LAUNCHPAD TOKEN contracts will be built by Deflect Development team with ETH Liquidity Perma-Locked (CORE Style) and no MINT functions or proxies. This way all launched projects are 100% Rug Free, Exit Free, Scam Free, and Funds in pools are Safu
  • Minimum of 5% of total (LAUNCHPAD TOKEN) supply for DEFLECT Treasury as Development Costs
  • Minimum of 10% of (LAUNCHPAD TOKEN) supply for DEFLCT/ETH LP farming.
  • Minimum of 10% of (LAUNCHPAD TOKEN) Supply for DEFLCT/NEWTOKEN LP farming.
  • Third-Party Launchpad Project will get to pre-allocate 65% of the remaining supply to their specifications (LGE, more pools, launchpad token treasury, their own strategies, personal team tokens, as long as all this is stated openly and pre-allocated for full disclosure and transparency to the community)
  • All (LAUNCHPAD TOKEN) liquidity farming pools must be hosted on (third-parties can have a UI plug in to the smart-contract on their own site also)
  • There will be some dynamic variables here from project to project depending on complexity and time-scale of each individual projects needs.
  • Optional Re-Audit of launchpad tokens updated variables and Tokenomics via our auditing partners.

About Deflect



Prism Network is an industry-first solution that brings multi-network scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform via the PRISM of Integrations.

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