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Deflect Launchpad: BitBase (BITB) Launches LGE on Deflect Protocol

Deflect is excited to announce our First LGE launchpad project (BITB). The LGE will run for a total of 5 days.

BitBase.Finance Overview

Name – Bitbase

Ticker – BITB

Supply – 200k

Pools 40,000 BITB

  • 15,000 BITB as DEFLECT/ETH rewards (7.5%)
  • 10,000 BITB as DEFLECT/BITB rewards (5%)
  • 15,000 BITB as BITB/ETH rewards (7.5%)

Treasury 40,000 BITB

  • 8,000 BITB Developer
  • 27,000 BITB for Bitbase Treasury
  • 5,000 BITB for Deflect Treasury

LGE 120,000 BITB

Input ETH for LGE

Administration fee on ETH deposits 10%

  • 4% to Bitbase
  • 6% to Deflect

Remaining ETH market buys DEFLCT for DEFLCT/BITB LP pair

  • 70,000 BITB allocation to BITB/ETH LP
  • 30,000 BITB allocation to DEFLCT/BITB LP
  • 20,000 BITB allocation LGE bonus

What is Bitbase?

Bitbase is a token which has its price pegged to the current price Bitcoin at a ratio of $1 : $10,000. Bitbase allows traders to speculate on bitcoin’s price and the direction it is headed in.

If Bitcoin price is $13,000, BITB is $1.3

If Bitcoin price is $25,000, BITB is $2.5.

How it works and what makes it unique?

BitBase is an improved fork of Base Protocol ($BASE), with the same rebase mechanism and an elastic supply that is readjusted when the rebase takes place respectively, however they have taken something from (RFI) which has introduced the concept of gasless yield with a simple 1% transaction tax.

What is Cloud yield?

This is a compounding passive yield mechanism called a “cloud yield”. As you hold your tokens you passively keep getting more “cloud yield” as well as the added feature of rebasing. On top of that BitBase will be announcing partnerships with other projects, to enhance their exposure as well as give more utility to the Bitbase (BITB) token, this will be done by integrating with a few selected projects into the ecosystem.

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About Deflect

Deflect Protocol is an industry-first solution that brings unlimited scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform.

Deflect provides DeFi startups a white-label launchpad solution for custom tailored smart-contract tokenomics functionality which includes liquidity provision, yield farming, and compounding interest-based lock-ups.

Deflect uniquely positions itself as an Integration Platform and Project Launchpad that provides solidity expertise, smart-contract-oriented tokenomics, as well as mechanics advisory, ecosystem maintenance, and support to third-party projects.

The Deflect white-label solution gives new and exciting DeFi projects and other blockchain innovators the initiative and support to successfully launch their technology. Deflect helps build native smart-contract ecosystems while providing an LGE platform with a fair-launch paradigm that gives sub-Ethereum DeFi communities a safer alternative to Pre-Sale mechanisms.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Github



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