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Official Partners: Deflect Partners with MATIC and DARK

Deflect has decided to partner with MATIC and will integrate MATIC as spendable boosts within our ecosystem. Deflect and Matic development teams have entered a strategic partnership to leverage off each-others innovations, technology, development and advancements. Deflect and Matic teams will be collaborating on a number of future builds, more details on what these builds are will be released at later stages of developments.

We have also decided to partner with DARK and will integrate DARK as a spendable boost also. Our partnership with DARK is a technological and collaborative partnership on future builds for both DEFLCT and DARK ecosystems including an upcoming DEX.

The Dark.Build and Matic collected as spendable boosts will be collected in the Deflect Treasury for future strategies such as.

  • Utilisation of DARK and MATIC as spendable boosts on our liquidity farms and on our future development contracts.
  • Project Development Funding
  • Utilising DARK and MATIC as underlying assets to our Multi-Collateral stable coin and the first self sustainable lending / borrowing solutions launching in 2021 that utilises re-distribution methods that revolutionises the lending credit system making the volume generated with the stable asset negatively inversed on someone’s credit debt
  • Utilising DARK and MATIC in our future hedge and index funds and decentralized portfolio management systems
  • Utilising DARK and MATIC built up in the treasury as self funded Liquidity for our future DEX
  • DARK is also going through a transitional phase to DARKv2. Deflect will also support and facilitate DARK migration by burning DARK to receive DARKv2 at a later date. Which is in line with DARKs Migration plans.

Multi-Asset Staking

Stakers have asked for low risk staking options since yield farming first conceptualised in DeFi, and we feel DEFLECT holders will want the same.

At DEFLECT we feel that many projects don’t have the necessary funding or treasury backing to fund a full pool for themselves. So we have decided to collaborate with DARK & MATIC on multi-asset staking.

How It Works

Traditional staking involves depositing a token into a contract and receiving another token after some period of time. With DARK multi-asset staking they initially rewarded 6 tokens simultaneously to DARK stakers.

What this partnership with DARK brings is a way for smaller projects to be featured on the DEFLECT platform without having to have tens of thousands of dollars worth of tokens for a pool output. This gives smaller projects the chance for legitimate exposure by being able to stake DARK/DEFLECT LP or DEFLECT/ETH LP in the future for multiple reward assets.

Here is an example of how DARK accomplished this

MATIC Integrations

Automated Gasless

At this point you may be worried about gas costs to withdraw/claim multiple rewards. Do not concern yourself with this as this is where MATIC comes into play as we have designed staking rewards to be automatically airdropped to your staking address on a daily basis by the utilisation of layer 2 technology.

How will this be accomplished?

By one of our strategic partnership with MATIC and leveraging their developments and technology. The rewards will be sent to you on a daily basis and cost you no gas as long as you are staked. There will be an entirely separate article to explain how DARK uses Dark Agents and their role in the Dark Ecosystem and how DEFLECT can utilise this same technology to benefit DEFLECT LP Holders

MATIC Mapping

Our partnership with MATIC means that partner projects can also leverage DEFLECT networks and DEFLECT Development team can assist projects in facilitating the mapping of partner and launchpad project tokens on Layer 2 L2 MATIC.

What this does is give a whole new level of development exposure and value add to Launchpad projects and their communities to explore innovative ways to be integrated into Layer 2.

There will be more information on these features in upcoming announcements.


Matic is a developer-first hybrid POS+Plasma sidechain on top of Ethereum, enabling Ethereum developers to scale their DApps for large scale usage.

Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to Layer 2 Solution for developers, thanks to secure, scalable and instant transactions, secured by Ethereum. There are 70+ Dapps building on Matic, ranging from DeFi Protocols to thrilling games and prediction markets.

Deploy your existing Ethereum DApp in less than 15 minutes! Get started with our documentation here.

Website | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram | Contract

About DARK

The Dark team has spent the last 3 months building support mechanisms for the Dark ecosystem and we thought it was about time we shared a more thorough explanation of their ecosystem.

DarkExchange – Testing is on going and UI/UX elements are still being worked on to smooth out usability. DARK will announce any updates when the DEX is live for Ethereum or Matic as they become shareable. Deployment to L2 is a priority for the Dark team and they look forward to launching on Matic as they test out UI/UX functions.

Dark Agents – Dark Agents (aDARK) expand on the idea of Keep3rV1 and offer far more flexibility and potential than initially designed. Dark Agents were developed as they will form a core underpinning for all Dark ecosystem products like DarkExchange, DarkForge, NFTs and others creations.

DarkForge – Another innovation by the Dark team that will fundamentally change the way stablecoins and DARK holders can earn returns.

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Contract

About Deflect

Deflect Protocol is an industry-first solution that brings unlimited scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform.

Deflect enables DeFi startups with white-label solutions and a launchpad for custom tailored smart-contracts with tokenomics functionality around liquidity provision, yield farming, and compounding interest-based lock-ups.

Deflect brands as an Integration Platform and Launchpad that provides solidity expertise, smart-contract-oriented tokenomics, as well as ecosystem mechanics advisory, ecosystem maintenance, and support to third-party projects.

The Ecosystem Smart-Contract support empowers initiatives with building projects with their own native smart-contract ecosystems while providing a LGE Platform For new projects as a fair-launch program that also gives sub-Ethereum DeFi communities a safer alternative to Pre-Sale mechanisms.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Github



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