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Partner Pool Launch: Circuits of Value (COVAL) / Deflect (DEFLCT)

Deflect is excited to share the launch of a new partner pool with the Circuits of Value composite token.

24 hour Pre-Staking is now live !


The COVAL/DEFLCT Partner Pool will last for five weeks and have a total reward output of 25 million COVAL. The boost opportunity on this pool will have an available boost of 250% achievable by spending Reflect (RFI), Chainlink (Link), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Matic Network (MATIC), while holding Deflect (DEFLCT) in the connected wallet.

Click here to view the pool pairing on Uniswap.

Reward Boost Details

Each spendable token will provide a max boost of 50% respectively, with an additional 50% boost available by holding Deflect (DEFLCT) in the connected wallet. A maximum of 250% boost is available by spending and holding a combination of tokens.

Reflect (RFI) Boost Spend Amounts
05% Boost — Spend 25 RFI
10% Boost — Spend 50 RFI
20% Boost — Spend 100 RFI
30% Boost — Spend 150 RFI
40% Boost — Spend 200 RFI
50% Boost — Spend 250 RFI

Chainlink (LINK) Boost Spend Amounts
05% Boost — Spend 4 LINK
10% Boost — Spend 8 LINK
20% Boost — Spend 16 LINK
30% Boost — Spend 24 LINK
40% Boost — Spend 32 LINK
50% Boost — Spend 40 LINK

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Boost Spend Amounts
05% Boost — Spend 0.0025 WBTC
10% Boost — Spend 0.0050 WBTC
20% Boost — Spend 0.0075 WBTC
30% Boost — Spend 0.0125 WBTC
40% Boost — Spend 0.0175 WBTC
50% Boost — Spend 0.0200 WBTC

Matic Network (MATIC) Boost Spend Amounts
05% Boost — Spend 2500 MATIC
10% Boost — Spend 5000 MATIC
20% Boost — Spend 10000 MATIC
30% Boost — Spend 15000 MATIC
40% Boost — Spend 20000 MATIC
50% Boost — Spend 25000 MATIC

Deflect (DEFLCT) Boost Hold Amounts
05% Boost — Hold 25–125 DEFLCT
10% Boost — Hold 125–250 DEFLCT
25% Boost — Hold 250–500 DEFLCT
50% Boost — Hold 500+ DEFLCT

We have also added COVAL as the 4th spendable Boost on the DEFLCT/RFR -> RFR pool

About Circuits of Value (COVAL)

Circuits of Value created a dual token economy consisting of its utility token, COVAL, and its transactional token, FUEL. The COVAL token can be used to create vaults and other activities within Circuits of Value’s Emblem platform.

Contract (Etherscan)

About Deflect

Deflect Protocol ($DEFLCT) is an Ethereum token that improves on the tokenomics of DeFi, by the way of Frictionless and Gas-Less Redistribution on transactions, and by way of increased token burn rate, liquidity locking, and added utility by acting as a functional platform for other Tokens and projects who need solidity developments and smart-contracts or Liquidity Farms built. Deflect Protocol is a re-imagined and reverse engineered DeFi Protocol that is self sustainable and funded via the diversification mechanics that add to its treasury via boosts and multipliers. Meaning. Deflect is the first true Ecosystem that never has to sell its own token or have sell pressure on its ecosystem to fund and sustain itself. The diversified treasury will then be used for future development strategies.

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