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Why Defuncted…?

Defuncted is a home for poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that has been previously published but was abandoned when the journals that published them shut down but did not archive the work.


Submissions are open for a short period three times a year:

April 15-May 15, August 15-Sept 15, December 15-January 15

NOTE: These are fluid submission windows. We may, without notice, close to submissions BEFORE the stated closing date.

If you have your own abandoned work and would like us to give it a new home here at Defuncted, please email Please indicate in the subject line the type of submission, e.g., submission — poetry or submission — fiction or submission — cnf (CNF=creative nonfiction).

Please submit up to three pieces or up to 3,000 words. If you have something that’s longer than that and you think it really belongs here, please email with the word count and we will consider.

If you’re already on Medium, email us a link to your draft. (See this Medium’s help page for how to do so). We will let you know once we added you as a writer and you can add and submit your draft to Defuncted. (See the help page on how to add your draft to a publication.) If you’ve already published with us, you know the drill. IMPORTANT: DO NOT publish your story before submitting it. Keep it as a DRAFT or it will be rejected.

Please do not set more than three tags in your draft. Five is the max you can set and we need at least two of those.

If you are NOT on Medium (or if you are but prefer that we publish it on your behalf), send us your work either in the body of the email or as an attachment (.doc or .docx preferred). You’ll need to include a brief bio (up to 70 words) written in third person. NOTE: We may edit your bio for length and clarity.

IMAGE NOTE: If you are on Medium, please also provide the requisite image to go with your work. If you are not, we will pick an image for you.

IMPORTANT: Please include with your submission the name of the publication(s) where your work was originally published, and the date(s)/issue number(s) of publication, if you know them.

For example: “Originally published in [XYZ publication] on [date].”

To clarify, we are looking for work that was previously published but is no longer available to read online or in print because the journal it was published in has gone defunct.

Also please note that some things will not be to our liking, and will not be published here.

Please submit only once per reading period, and wait for at least two months after submission to query the status of your submission. It may take this long before it’s published. Most submissions will be published during the three month period after the submission window is closed.

We’ll only email you if we have questions or cannot accept your work for some reason.




A Collection of Abandoned Things

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Defuncted Editors

Defuncted Editors

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