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Get ready for the world’s greatest virtual treasure hunt!


Cyber Quest is a multi week treasure hunt, covering all of Japan. Players use the DEFY mobile game to find and collect boxes on the map, that contain prizes up to $10k per box.

Cyber Quest phase 1 starts soon! Here’s everything you need to know about DEFY’s biggest ever event, starting in Japan on 13th July.

We’ll share with you all the details about how to take part, the amazing prizes on offer and how to optimise your chances to win. But first, let us share with you why we’re launching this event.

Why Cyber Quest?

Since we launched DEFY, we’ve been proud to be at the cutting edge of innovation for mobile blockchain gaming. Creating a fully on chain, location based game has led us to create a platform of technologies that has huge utility in our mission to bring NFT’s to life and merge the real and virtual worlds. We were the first to enable in app purchase for NFTs via Apple & Google pay and amongst the leaders in allowing users to create their own user generated NFT game assets, customised through in game, on chain crafting.

Cyber Quest is one big way we’re working to demonstrate the full power of our technology and to break new ground with interoperability with other, non-DEFY NFT assets. Behind the scenes, there’s exciting discussions taking place with partners (brands, games & IP holders) to use our platform to create incredible real + virtual world experiences that can reach a massive audience outside of the current web3 community.

If you represent a brand that is interested in getting into web3, or are looking to activate your existing collection through epic location based hunts or mini games, get in touch with us:

So, in addition to the huge USDC$100,000 prize pool, expect to see NFTs in our game from some of the biggest names in the world. And all you have to do to get your hands on them is download DEFY and start exploring Japan. Read on for more details!

Cyber Quest Event Schedule

Cyber Quest Phase 1

Level 1: Thu 13th July — Sun 23rd July

Level 2: Mon 24th July — Mon 31st July: Mocaverse x DEFY Takeover Week

PAUSE: 1st August — 15th August

Cyber Quest Phase 2

Level 3: Wed 16th August — Sun 27th August

Level 4: Mon 28th August — Sun 3rd September

All About Cyber Quest Japan

Cyber Quest is a multi week treasure hunt, covering all of Japan. Players use the DEFY mobile game to find and collect boxes that contain prizes. Boxes require keys to open them.

There will be abundant small prizes, with a small number of huge prizes throughout the event period.

Players will be have the chance to share their experiences on social media and also be rewarded for referring new users to DEFY.

The event period will feature a steady state where users can explore Japan anywhere anytime. During the steady state users can collect keys, boxes. This steady state allows people to learn about the event and start participating at any time. Weekends have a higher chance of dropping boxes, so good luck!

Throughout each week, a number of Raids will be held. Raids are time limited events (1–3 hours) based around specific geographic locations. Raids will be announced at least 24 hours in advance and feature high value boxes, partner NFTs and other more valuable items. Raids will take place in interesting locations, at times that the majority of potential players can participate (lunch hour, after work, weekends).


Boxes are NFTs, containing various on chain items determined by a rarity table. They can be traded i.e. they are not soul bound.

There are 5 types of box available:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Jackpot
  • Partner boxes (DEFY x Mocaverse Boxes and more!)

Boxes can contain the following items, in differing amounts according to their loot table:

  • USDC Vouchers: sell them at the DEFY Blackmarket to receive USDC!
  • Non DEFY NFTs from partners, or other games/NFT projects
  • CHIPS: use to buy items in game store
  • Consumable items such as capacitors to recharge your battery
  • Materials & Blueprints to craft tactical drones

Boxes are placed on the map in 2 ways:

  1. Common and Rare boxes are distributed programatically (random) in general areas across Japan during the steady state of the event.
  2. Epic & Jackpot boxes are placed at specific locations for Raids. Raid locations will be revealed via social media, in app and Discord

Boxes are not able to be collected using drones, their location (radius of 40m) must be visited by the user in person.


Boxes require keys to open them based on their rarity level:

  1. Common Box: 100 keys
  2. Rare Box: 1000 keys
  3. Epic Box: 10000 keys
  4. Jackpot Box: 1 key
  5. Partner Box: Special Key

Keys are NFTs, available from the following sources:

  1. Collected from the map during pre event and steady state gameplay
  2. 100 Keys should be collectable in an average 1hr gameplay session when collected on foot. Note: Keys are collectable from the map using drone
  3. Buy Keys with CHIPS in game store
  4. Buy Keys with $DEFY on Blackmarket via P2P trading or Market Maker
  5. Given as rewards in daily login system
  6. Given as rewards for referrals: all users now have a unique referral code accessible in the setting page — get your friends to sign up using this code and be rewarded!

Steady State Gameplay:

During steady state gameplay, players can collect Keys, Raw materials & Common Boxes from the map — anywhere in Japan.

Twice daily between 1200–1300 & 2000–2100 Mon-Fri, the drop rate of these items will increase.


During Raids, players can collect Rare, Epic, Jackpot & Partner Boxes from the map, at specific locations.

At raids, the number of boxes is limited, so you have to be ready to grab them from the map before anyone else does! Remember, these boxes can’t be collected by drones so you’ll need to move fast.

The first Raids will take place on the 15th & 16th of July at selected locations across Japan (not just Tokyo!), so stay tuned to DEFY social media and our Discord community for more.

What to do next:

Download the DEFY Game from app stores and make sure you have notifications turned on — push notifications and in game messages will be critical to staying up to date with everything that’s going on.

Get ready to explore Japan and win!



Ben Pember

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