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DeGate Ecosystem Update

October 2021

Welcome to DeGate October Ecosystem Update!

DeGate is building an orderbook-centric decentralized trading protocol. DeGate is built on Ethereum Layer 2 and operates a special “Layer 3 Match Node” for matching orders, equipped with zero-knowledge technology.

We are excited to update you on what we have been up to in October!

Product & Tech Update

DeGate Bridge

DeGate Bridge has demonstrated to be among the best bridges between Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2- Arbitrum network.

READ: user comparison of all bridges- Best Bridge to go onto Arbitrum

The DeGate Bridge is intended to foster the development and accessibility of Layer 2 and therefore is provided free of charge by DeGate, only gas costs apply.

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ACCESS: DeGate L1- L2 Bridge

WATCH: DeGate L1-L2 Bridge demo

To boost the awareness of DeGate L1- L2 Bridge, a Twitter contest has been launched, inviting the community members to like and RT the post about DeGate Bridge, this way getting the opportunity to win bounties in the form of $DG tokens.

DeGate Layer 3

DeGate DEX is built on Ethereum Layer 2, Arbitrum, and operates a special “Layer 3 Match Node”. In the last week of October, the first DeGate Layer 3 Block with Zero Knowledge-Proof (including Order Book transactions) was verified by DeGate L2 smart contract. This marks a milestone in DeGate DEX development and demonstrates our commitment to our development roadmap.

Ultra-Efficient Gas- Saving (UEGS)

Ultra-Efficient Gas-Saving (UEGS) technology holds great potential to further lower gas costs when trading on DeGate DEX. The team of contributors at DeGate have been actively exploring this opportunity during October, and a significant process has been achieved. Our research findings suggest that UEGS is probably feasible, detailed technical designs are still being studied. The contributors expect the technical designs to be complete in November, with implementation thereafter.

DeGate Community Ambassadors

DeGate is a protocol for the community and is keen to encourage like-minded community members to get involved.

The recruitment drive for the second round of DeGate DCAs was completed, with the number of DCAs reaching 32 and the total number of the community members reaching 7829. An AMA for DeGate DCAs was conducted in October to share more on developments in DeGate and brainstorm activities to involve the wider DeGate community further.

If you are crypto native and enjoy crypto communities =>

APPLY HERE to become a DCA. Our DCAs are leaders in our community and will receive rewards for their hard work building a global community.

DeGate Mascot

DeGate Mascot is coming to life!

After introducing the design of the DeGate Mascot, DeGate DAO has launched the Mascot Naming & NFT competition.


DeGate thanks its community members who have submitted the names for the Mascot!

DeGate DAO members — holders of the $DG token are invited to vote for their favourite name in the first week of November.

More details on how to vote HERE

Arbitrum and DeGate AMA

DeGate is proud to be working closely with Arbitrum, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution. To give insights about Ethereum and the potential of Layer 2 to the community, Arbitrum’s co-founders Steven Goldfeder and Ed Felten held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Lead Evangelist of DeGate, Gulu, who is also a founder of

READ: Gulu x Arbitrum founders (Steven/Ed): The potential of Layer 2 to the Ethereum ecosystem


As the multi-chain and Layer 2 ecosystem is taking off, we are pleased to present more video content and discussions about Layer 2 solutions on our series of #L2Show episodes.

<Subscribe to DeGate YouTube channel to watch the episodes!>

WATCH the latest episodes:

Prefer reading? READ: #L2Show blog posts:

Follow #L2Show on:







Want to learn more about the crypto ecosystem? Curious about the model of the famous dYdX and/or Metaverse?

READ our selection:

Crypto Events & Meetups

The crypto conferences, meetups, and events are back, and DeGate is pleased to meet and talk with the crypto community.

DeGate Evangelists were present globally- you could see DeGate in London, Lisbon, Dubai and Shanghai in October!

DeGate Lead Evangelist @agnecrypto was in London for Token 2049 to introduce DeGate to the London crypto community. Then, she headed to Lisbon to attend the DAOist, LisCon, ETHLisbon, NEARCON, Harmony.One, Polygon events, rAAVE, and many more! Lisbon was bustling with the Ethereum community in October, and DeGate is glad to have made new friends and supporters.

WATCH the speech by @agnecrypto, opening the DAOist conference in Lisbon and inviting everyone to think- what does it mean to be the DAOist.

DeGate Lead Evangelist @alvinlee was in Dubai attending Dubai Blockchain Week, World of Web3 Summit Dubai, Future Blockchain Summit and DSRPTD Dubai.

Alvin has spread the word about DeGate to the crypto community that has gathered in Dubai.

WATCH Alvin speaking at the Blockchain Summit Dubai and presenting DeGate!

DeGate took part in the Shanghai Blockchain Week and threw a party! Who knows, maybe DeGate parties will become the next rAAVEs;)

Check out the cool beats during the DeGate party in Shanghai and some photos!

DeGate is looking for Contributors!

Come and join DeGate! Or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project! We are looking for talented individuals to contribute to DeGate!

DeGate has launched two Bounty Programs to reward public referrals and Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who are recommending suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, get paid up to USD 10K!

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

DeGate Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

DeGate is looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

That’s it for October looking forward to a fantastic November ahead!

More about DeGate:



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