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DeGate Ecosystem Update

November 2021

Welcome to DeGate November Ecosystem Update!

DeGate is building an orderbook-centric decentralized trading protocol. DeGate is built on Ethereum Layer 2 and operates a special “Layer 3 Match Node” for matching orders, equipped with zero-knowledge technology.

We are excited to update you on what we have been up to in November.

Product & Tech Update

This month, the DeGate team was hard at work building the DeGate Orderbook DEX and Layer 3 “matchnode” alpha version. We expect all major features to be ready in early December. We made great progress in the following:

  • Almost completed Circuit and Smart Contract development
  • API SDK for GO/PYTHON/NODEJS will be ready in December, and we will also start development on the first trading robot on DeGate
  • We project that the Orderbook and Layer 3 matchnode will go into the first round of audit on Smart Contract and Circuits in December


DeGate believes in research to always stay on top of the latest developments, in order to create a great product. We believe Ultra-Efficient Gas-Saving (UEGS) technology holds great potential to further lower gas costs for the DeGate trading protocol. In the month of November, we completed the1st version of the UEGS, and we have already started implementation. We expect the implementation to be complete by December, with further testing thereafter to figure out the full capacity of this technology.

DeGate Community Ambassadors

DeGate is a protocol for the community and is keen to encourage like-minded community members to get involved. the DCA program continues to recruit members, with a total of 36 DCAs and over 8500 community members reached.

If you are crypto native and enjoy crypto communities =>

APPLY HERE to become a DCA. Our DCAs are leaders in our community and will receive rewards for their hard work building a global community.

DeGate Mascot

DeGate also made great progress this month on the development of our Mascot. We wrapped up the mascot naming competition with 6,530,000 DG votes, and the community has spoken, their favorite mascot name is…..drum roll…..GOO. We think it’s a great name because it implies a bit of fun, a bit of cheerfulness, and a bit of energy, as in …. Goooooo with ME! Soon, you will have a chance to meet our official DeGate Mascot Goo in our Mascot Emoji Contest.

Meanwhile, our NFT design work is also nearing completion. This is a series of designs that will complement the planetary theme of Goo, and will serve as unique collectables in the DeGate ecosystem.

Before the Metaverse, there was…real life meet-ups!

What’s a world crypto community without a few good ol’ in person conferences? In November, our very own Agne K, host of the L2 show, attended a slew of conferences including Web Summit, Cosmoverse, and Solana Breakpoint conferences in Lisbon Portugal. We’re proud of Agne for flying the flag of DeGate and networking closely with other genuine builders in the blockchain space. Check out some pictures from Agne’s experience in Lisbon below:

Agne flying the DeGate Flag in Lisbon. Check out our handstitched DeGate T-shirts and Cap. SWAGGY.


It was an exciting month for the #L2Show on Youtube, which continues to invite great guests to speak deeply about their work in Layer 2. We hosted Elena, CEO of Metis, who gave us great insight to the Metis community and their use of Optimistic Rollups. We held an interview with David Mihal, a co-founder of Lisbon to recap Liscon in Portugal, and had a deep talk with Alan Chiu of Boba Network and the launch of their new Boba token and network. Lastly, Alvin also had a long and deep conversation with famous Crypto Youtuber Davinci Jeremie, or DavinciJ15, on his views on the global monetary system, why he is a family man, and why everyone should buy Bitcoin.

<Subscribe to DeGate YouTube channel to watch the episodes!>

WATCH the latest episodes here:

Follow #L2Show on:






SPECIAL EVENT: Layer 2 Virtual Seminar in Partnership with Coindesk

Oh, and just one more thing.

Coindesk x DeGate x Layer 2, yes team we’re doing it!

We are super excited to be hosting a virtual seminar in partnership with Coindesk on Layer 2 technology, on Dec 9th at 11am Eastern Time. Entitled “Why Layer 2 will change the game for Ethereum”, and this month we have been hard at work preparing for this. Guest speakers include Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, Alex Gluchowski, Co-founder and CEO of Matter Labs (creator of ZK Sync), Elena Sinelnikova, Co-founder and CEO of Metis, Mihailo Bjelic, Co-Founder of Polygon, Piotr Szlachciak, Founder of, a major analytics website, Agne K, DeGate team member and host of the Layer 2 show, and Alvin Lee, Lead Evangelist of DeGate Dao. Hosted by Nolan Bauerle of Coindesk.

Here’s to the Builders of Layer 2!

Register at this link NOW to confirm your seat:

DeGate is looking for Contributors

Finally, come and join DeGate. Or refer fantastic candidates as contributors to our project. We are looking for talented individuals to contribute to DeGate.

DeGate has launched two Bounty Programs to reward public referrals and Recruitment Agencies / Headhunters who are recommending suitable candidates to us. It’s simple, refer or introduce candidates to us, get paid up to USD 10K.

For more info, visit:

DeGate Referral Bounty Program

DeGate Recruitment Agency Bounty Program

DeGate is looking for the following positions:

You can also regularly check out this link for the most updated list of available positions!

That’s it for November team, looking forward to a fantastic December and Festive Season ahead.

More about DeGate:



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DeGate Team

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