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DeGate Ecosystem Update

Product and Tech Update

  • On-chain cancellation of grid trading strategy is now possible
  • Grid trading visualization has been enhanced with a graphic view of running strategy to check buy and sell orders, as well as the ability to view recent trades with “K-line” view
  • WalletConnect is now supported
  • The user interface of DeGate DEX protocol has been improved, specifically, the functions of permissionless listing, depositing funds and selecting pairs to trade
  • Chaos testing has been started to increase reliability and resiliency

ZK Trusted Setup Ceremony


Agne Linge and Manu Alzuru, Founder of DoinGud and organizer of ETH Barcelona


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  • #L2Show- watch the latest episode with Aaron Malone, the co-host of Crypto 101 podcast and Agne Linge, the host of #L2Show. WATCH on DeGate YouTube channel

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DeGate Team

DeGate Team


A DAO-centric, decentralised limit trading protocol built on Ethereum. 🚀