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DeGate Goo Mascot Sticker Contest

DeGate Mascot Goo has entered the DeFi World, and now, it wants to have some fun together with you!

Are you creative? Want to put your artist hat to create emojis and meme stickers for Goo? Your creativity will be handsomely rewarded.

Prize Rewards

1st Place: 2000 DG + NFT whitelist spot

2nd-3rd Place: 1000 DG + NFTwhitelist spot

4th-10th Place: 500 DG

10th-20th Place: 200 DG

How to Join

  • Go to DeGate Twitter post, retweet and quote with your design entry
  • Use the hashtag #DeGateGOO
  • Retweet and quote multiple times if you have more than one design entry

How to Design

There are many online resources that you can use to create your memes/gifs/infographics. Some notable ones are listed below:


There is also a set of 9 cute expressive sticker sets which you can use for your designs. So wait no longer; Put on your creative hats, download the design materials and WIN fantastic prizes!

Where to find inspiration

Here are the examples of Goo having fun =>



  • Competition Timeline: 3rd Dec 2021–10th Dec 2021
  • No inappropriate elements such as racial, gender discrimination or political affiliations
  • Stickers can be in the form of adding emotive expressions, gifs or memes
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • A voting process will be created on Google forms to select the winners


GO #Goo!



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