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DeGate is Expanding: Recruitment Bounty!

DeGate is an order book-centric Decentralised Exchange (DEX) trading protocol that is based on Ethereum L2 (Layer 2), utilizing a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure that has full control over its treasury.

As a next-gen DEX, DeGate aims to make decentralized exchange trading mainstream and accessible to all, with key features such as order book trading, leverage capabilities, Layer 1 to Layer 2 Bridge, AMM (Autonomous Market-Making), and super-fast transaction times amongst other features.

As the team is expanding and getting ready for the product launch, DeGate is announcing a hiring program. A recruitment bounty of DG Tokens worth up to USD $10k is offered for each successful referral.

Here are the hot positions that we are looking for, offering guaranteed bounty of USD $10K worth of DG Tokens:

- Blockchain Application Engineer

- Smart Contract Engineer

- Blockchain Security Engineer

For details on the job descriptions as well as other positions, please navigate HERE.

Join DeGate!

Work with World-class talent! Be part of a special A-Team! Have a rewarding career!

Have the skills, or know someone that you can recommend? Send a message to:

More about DeGate:



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DeGate Team

DeGate Team

A DAO-centric, decentralised limit trading protocol built on Ethereum. 🚀