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Impressions from DevConnect Amsterdam

DeGate evangelists @Alvin, @Andrew and @Agne, took part in DevConnect week in Amsterdam, and what a week it was! DevConnect, which the Ethereum Foundation organizes, made a goal for the Ethereum community and developers to get together in Amsterdam and map out the progress and the future.

The Ethereum community is amazing. The amount of building that is being done by Ethereum core and ecosystem developers is outstanding, the passion is overflowing, and people are serious about the future- the roadmap and vision are clear.

DevConnect week in Amsterdam hosted 100+ events ranging from Zero-Knowledge meetups, DAO gatherings, Layer 2 development discussions to crypto boat parties and evenings packed with events- just make sure you found out and registered to them in advance.

In Amsterdam, people were there to build, to develop the Ethereum and crypto, DAO ecosystem as a whole. DeGate is proud to have sponsored the DAOist Global Gathering, where DeGate Lead Evangelist Alvin Lee gave a speech, ‘Rise of Crypto Nation’. You can see all the speeches from the DAOist GGG on the DAOist YouTube channel.

DeGate Lead Evangelist Andrew spoke about trading on DEXs vs CEXs at the ‘How to DEX’ conference in Amsterdam. He shared thoughts together with representatives from dYdX foundation, Zerion, Nervos Network and Eight Global.

Some takeaways from DevConnect Amsterdam:


L2BEAT has put together an outstanding conference, Layer Two Amsterdam, where a serious squad of Layer 2 builders shared their technical know-how and vision for Layer 2 scaling. You could meet and hear Ed Felten of Arbitrum, the famous Anthony Sassano @sassal0x, Alex Gluchovski of Matter Labs, Ye Zheng of Scroll, Justin Drake, just to name a few!

Layer 2 teams have been working hard to launch the Layer 2s for the much-awaited scaling of Ethereum. There are still many issues to address as each different rollup design has its risks. A lot of rollups are grappling with similar issues such as decentralization- most of them have similar solutions and are on the pathway to running thousands of nodes and/or sequencers, achieving decentralization in this manner. Upgradability of Layer 2 solutions is also an issue, which is challenging to solve as it concerns security aspects too.

Interestingly, various teams have different time-based, DAO-based approaches.

Check out L2BEAT statistics and the in-depth analysis of Layer 2s.

Zero-Knowledge tech is the ‘Meta’ this year

Zero-Knowledge technology is leading the way and is heating up to be the new Meta moving forward. zkEVM is a big talk of the town in Amsterdam, with zkSync leading the way, having launched their testnet. It sounds that zkEVM could come closer than we think!

EVM equivalence versus EVM compatibility is a hot topic as various teams embark on zkEVM solutions. StarkNet had a noticeable presence as they push out their new Cairo dev stack and paint a zk-led future, which possibly consists of Layer 3, Layer 4, Layer n…Thus bundling up 100 x more transactions and resulting in even cheaper fees and more privacy!

DEXs are getting hotter

DevConnect Amsterdam hosted an event wholly dedicated to DEXs, ‘How to DEX’. As the CEX and DEX landscape transforms and develops, it is interesting to hear what challenges the DEX ecosystem face today.

The founder of the famous DEX aggregator 1inch, Anton Bukov, spoke about various aggregation sources, while Robert Paluba from 0x spoke about slippage impact on AMMs. Mempools, security, and audit were all important topics covered during the conference, while DeGate Lead Evangelist Andrew discussed differences in trading on CEXs vs DEXs.

DeGate has created an orderbook DEX based on Zero-Knowledge technology, which is very similar to the CEX interface and allows Limit Orders and grid trading. It is exciting to see how the improved and reformed version of DEXs will compete with the CEXs in the future!


MEV- Miner Extractable Value- is a big topic. Close to USD 700+ million have been cumulatively extracted in over two years. The question is- what to do with MEV? What is ethical MEV or unethical MEV? Every blockchain needs its MEV solution, but it also comes with negative trade-offs. The solution is yet to be found, and it is a massive opportunity for the projects.

DAO efficiencies are in the spotlight

Not everyone, but many projects are on the path to DAO. While this new form of organization is yet to be fully adopted in the existing economic and regulatory environment, it is an attractive way to work and collaborate on projects. The on-stage discussions and workshops at the DAOist Global Governance Gathering attempted to tackle issues such as effective collaboration, communication tools for the DAOs, and how to onboard new DAO members. Naturally, governance topics and how to do it right were addressed. DeGate, which operates as a DAO, is an early supporter of the DAOist, and looks forward to taking an active part in the DAO ecosystem in the future!

To conclude- thanks to everyone who contributed to making DevConnect Amsterdam such a fruitful week for all, and thanks to all that continuously contribute to the Ethereum and crypto ecosystem and the bright future!

DeGate looks forward to participating in the future DevConnect events, which is likely… DevConnect Bogota! Stay tuned!

Shout out to DeGate Lead Evangelist Andrew, who met Vitalik at the end of his DevConnect week in Amsterdam!

About DeGate

DeGate is a Decentralized Trading protocol based on Zero-Knowledge technology. It enables you to trade spot Limit Orders, Decentralized. DeGate includes key features such as:

  • Permissionless listing
  • Grid trading feature
  • Gas saving deposit
  • Ultra-Efficient Gas Saving technology

Besides being user friendly, DeGate is built on the principles of Trustlessness, or “Can’t do evil”, Permisionlessness, and Decentralization.

Try DeGate Testnet HERE


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