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WIN DeGate DG tokens by creating Layer 2 MEMEs!

The Ethereum and DeFi communities are eagerly awaiting for layer 2, which is set to solve many issues relating to scalability and transaction fees and open the doors to the whole new world of the Ethereum network.

DeGate is an Ethereum layer 2 DEX that is governed by a DAO. DeGate is the protocol of the community, by the community, and for the community. DeGate aims for the community to take part in the governance of the protocol and make decisions, paving the way for the future of layer 2 decentralized trading.

We want to give the community equal opportunities to acquire DG tokens and encourage you to take part in building the future of DeGate.The DG token will enable its holders to vote on the proposals of the DeGate protocol.

As the first community initiative, we are pleased to announce the DeGate MEME contest:

Create a MEME based on Ethereum Layer 2 and get a chance to win DG tokens!

Key Rule: the MEMEs have to be about Layer 2!

Participants who retweet MEMEs will also have a chance to win DG tokens.

The contest will take place between 22 March and 4 April at 23:59 pm CET. The MEMEs have to be about the Ethereum Layer 2 - image, gif animations, and short videos are accepted. The most interesting MEMES will be chosen by the DeGate community.

Contest rules:

  • Follow @DeGateDEX on Twitter
  • Tweet your MEME, tag #L2MEME, and @DeGateDEX
  • DeGate will retweet your MEME and encourage the community to vote by retweeting the MEME.
  • The most interesting MEMES will be chosen by the community: 1 retweet = 1 point

Prize pool: ~ $10,000 in DG tokens

  • Most Popular MEME chosen by the community- the author will be awarded scored by a number of retweets:
  • 1st Prize: 1 person, 2000 DG tokens ~ $1000 worth
  • 2nd Prize: 20 persons, 600 DG tokens~ $300 worth

Prize for participating:

  • Retweet your favorite MEMEs and win 100 DG tokens ~ $50 worth
  • The Winners will be randomly selected using the first Bitcoin block of April 6, 2021, CET. The first numeric character from the end will be chosen to select the winners (e.g. the number is 7=> the winners are 7th, 17th, and 27th retweet)

Have fun creating and choosing the most interesting L2 MEMEs! The winners will be announced on April 6, 2021

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DeGate Team

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