MinoDAO: Fueling Robinos’ Growth and Empowering Our Passionate Community

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2 min readApr 21, 2023

As Robinos has completed its development revamp, it’s time for us to focus on expanding participation in our events and growing our community. We’re exploring ways to connect with other communities, like our successful trial with web3 game communities such as Warbots, to showcase Robinos and foster engagement in both our platform and communities.

A vibrant community is essential for the growth of Robinos, and we’ll be recognizing outstanding members by awarding the top 3 contributors every quarter. Additionally, we aim to improve liquidity in our tokenized events, making them more enjoyable with increased volume and reduced volatility. We understand that the lack of liquidity highlights some challenges in our platform, but we’re committed to finding ways to improve the situation.

MinoDAO’s success is vital for Robinos’ overall progress, from outreach to community involvement. To celebrate our key community members, we’re introducing honorary MinoDAO status. These honorary members will enjoy a larger quarterly rewards pool, specifically four times the regular member pool, shared among fewer members (10 honorary members per 100 MinoDAO members).

This honorary MinoDAO system ensures that top contributors are handsomely rewarded, fostering effective growth that benefits everyone with more rewards to share moving forward!

If you’re excited

We’re currently seeking Business Development professionals to help us connect with sports and web3 game communities. If you’re interested in joining Robinos as a Biz Dev, please express your interest in our Discord or Telegram groups, and we’ll be in touch!

We’re keen to ramp up our outreach to like-minded and established communities and projects both for the different sports we have on the platform and for our continued exploration into web3 games. We will assign a small number of Honorary Mino DAO membership roles for people to help us with this task.

The race is on!

In July, we’ll reward three community members for their engagement on Twitter and within our Discord & Telegram communities. Consistency is key, and members who raise the bar will greatly benefit Robinos. Stay tuned for more information on this initiative.

Lastly, we’ll be announcing the sale of MinoDAO memberships soon! Memberships can only be purchased using $RBN, and the collected tokens will be burned, reducing $RBN’s total supply. Get ready to join our passionate community and contribute to Robinos’ bright future!

For more information on Robinos, check out our links here! https://linktr.ee/robinospredict