New collection: MinoNFT cricket edition!

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3 min readJun 4, 2023

Last year we expanded our web3 sports ecosystem and celebrated the FIFA World Cup in style by releasing our first-ever MinoNFT player drop — and it was a smashing success!!

And while you’ve all been earning for your players' success we’ve been busily beavering away in the background on a brand new collection… MinoNFT: Cricket edition!

To coincide with the World Test Championship final and Ashes Test Series in June, we’ll be releasing a collection of 32 players across all test playing nations featuring some of the best and most interesting cricketers from across the world.

This collection will feature the same rarity system that we had for the football collection, including the much sought-after GOAT tier — where only one NFT will be minted for the player or players who are classified as the Greatest Of All Time.

And just like the World Cup collection — MinoNFT Cricket will be a FREE MINT and the Whitelist is now open!!

Here’s how to get your Whitelist:

1. Participate in any of the cricket prediction events on Robinos — we’ve got predictions for the WTC winner, the highest run scorer for the WTC final, the highest wicket-taker for the WTC final, and the Ashes series winner.

2. Every 15k worth of $RBN that you use to predict will get you one Whitelist spot, and you can get as many as you like (ie if you use 150,000 $RBN in events, you’ll get 10 WL spots).

3. Head to the Robinos|MinoNFT Discord server and open a ticket. You’ll need to submit a screenshot showing your predictions and your wallet address.

4. You’ve earned a Whitelist!

As this collection will be much smaller in number than the Football World Cup, the number of Whitelist spots given out for non-prediction activity will be very very limited, so predicting will be the best way to secure your ticket to mint.

Wen mint?

The Mint date will be announced very soon. Minting will be open to everyone who is Whitelisted at the same time, and the players will be randomized so we expect a flurry of minting activity to see who can bag themselves a GOAT!

Remember the more Whitelist spots you have, the higher likelihood you’ll get a player that you love. So get predicting!


The MinoNFT unique system of utility will continue with the holders earning money when their players achieve great success. Earnings will go to players in winning teams or those who perform well individually.

The earnings are paid from the Robinos treasury where profits from all operations are deposited in a way that guarantees sustainability and ongoing earnings.

Specific details of the earnings will be announced soon!

Secondary market?

Once the NFTs are minted, they will be traceable on our NFT Marketplace partner — KitchenNFT.

Feel free to head along and check out the players from our World Cup football collection here.

We expect some spicy trading action as people try to pick up their favorite players so get familiar with the Kitchen, and join our trading channel on Discord.

Get involved

We can’t wait for this next phase of the Mino ecosystem. Come along and join us in our communities: