$RBN Migration to Telos

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2 min readNov 29, 2022

We’re moving to Telos!

Not sure if everyone is aware, but Robinos have been operating on Telos for the past few months — the World Cup tokenized event is on Telos as well! And we’ve just broken our highest record in participation!

In any case, migrating $RBN to Telos was a matter of time, and we’re doing it now!

Again, we’d like to thank everyone for holding $RBN throughout the period since the IDO. It hasn’t been easy, and we’ve not made it easy for everyone. But I’m hoping that everyone can see what we’re doing, which is generating revenue and making Robinos a utility and a real business moving forward.

In any case, we’re planning to keep the entire migration process a transparent one.

  • Gnosis Safe has been created on both Polygon and Telos
  • There will be 4 signers for both Gnosis Safe. This is to ensure that any token movements will require the permission and signature of at least 3 signers.
  • We’ve received the RBN-LP from Light and will be breaking them on 30th November. More details will be updated on our Telegram group.
  • Once the LP is broken up, the $Matic received will be converted to $USDC, bridged to Telos, and to be held in the Gnosis Safe created on Telos
  • Migration for existing $RBN holders will be done on the Robinos website — further updates will be provided on our Telegram group.
  • Liquidity will be provided on Telos(likely Zappy DEX) when the migration is ready

Also, a few things that everyone should note, and act on if it applies to you.

$RBN and $RBN LP staking

Many have still not unstaked their $RBN or RBN-LP yet. Please do so asap, especially the RBN-LP stakers.

RBN-LP Holders

Please remove your liquidity before we do. This is because we’re currently supporting 95% of the liquidity. And once we remove the liquidity, the price impact will get very high, and very likely your remaining liquidity will be drained by dumpers at that point.

Things that might happen

  • Triggering some rugpull alarm

Since we’re removing a huge chunk of the liquidity, alarm bells might trigger. But, please remain alert, and understand that this is our migration process. The liquidity is being held in a Gnosis Safe and governed by 3 other trusted community members.

  • High price impact

As mentioned above with the RBN-LP, trading after the removal of liquidity from our end will cause a high price impact as the only volume left will be the ones who’ve not removed their liquidity.

  • Distorted information on platforms such as CoinGecko

As these websites track the token smart contract, the information will get distorted over the weeks. We’ll be notifying these platforms as soon as we can, but please understand that their response may not be immediate.

We’ll be declaring the address and link of both Gnosis Safe here for your reference.

Polygon Gnosis SafeTelos Gnosis Safe

Also, if you’re still holding $RBN — you can get 2 WL to mint our Mino NFT!

Just fill up the form here and we’ll get you whitelisted in 24hours!