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5 min readMar 20, 2023

Robinos has been building ever since the beginning, and creating a product that users can use has been the priority since 2021. We know that when more users start using our product organically, that’s the best possible marketing type of marketing, which is why we continue to build and refine.

In any case, 2023 will continue to be a year of building, and of course changes that some of you might have already seen on our site. Basically, we’ve worked on the UX of the website. So, aside from the aesthetics, users will not have to ‘claim’ for their rewards anymore on the prediction events. When the events conclude, the rewards will be distributed to the wallet. We’ve also created a portfolio page, which will show the inflows and outflows of the wallet into our prediction events.

P2P Trading

Another feature we’ve added is the P2P trading feature on tokenized events. Users who’ve missed out on the sales can now purchase team tokens from other users if they’re listed on the event. This will also allow users to take early profits, or cut losses after the sales period.

More importantly, this feature completes what the tokenized event was supposed to achieve from the beginning, making Robinos a sports performance trading platform, and not exactly a sportsbook as what most people define.

Now to the future of $RBN, which you’ve all been waiting to hear…


In November 2022, Robinos launched Mino NFT, coinciding with the Fifa World Cup 2022 event. The Mino NFT launch also contributed to the highest-ever prize pool we have for a tokenized prediction event in Robinos, and great community participation.

This allowed us to rethink the future of Mino NFT, and MinoDAO might be the answer to it.

MinoDAO will be a part of Robinos moving forward. It’ll involve a treasury, where profits from events held in Robinos be deposited, and to be distributed to:

1. members of the Mino DAO
2. rewards for the Mino NFT holders when the players they own perform well.

MinoDAO members will take up an important role in the future of Robinos & Mino NFT. Mino NFT will have new collections again in the near future, which will cover different sports and athletes. MinoDAO members get the opportunity to vote for the players they’d like to see in Mino NFTs for future collections and also get the word out for Mino NFT & Robinos.

Reward distribution for Mino NFT holders

As of last week (14th March), we’ve started rewards distribution to the Mino NFT holders.

More information on MinoDAO will be released on our documents soon, which will be available on

$RBN Token

First of all, if you’ve not migrated your $RBN tokens yet — here you go!

$RBN is in the midst of migrating from Polygon to Telos. We’ve decided to slow down the migration as most holders have not migrated yet, and we’d like to take this opportunity to rethink what $RBN means to everyone.

We’ll be reducing the total supply of $RBN from 100 million to 50 million. But, don’t worry, everyone will still be eligible for a 1-to-1 exchange when migrating to Telos. The supply reduction is possible because we retrieved over 54 million $RBN when the liquidity was removed on December 2022. This means that those retrieved $RBN was mostly sold by holders, causing impermanent loss to the liquidity that we put in initially. We’ll not be holding the 54 million $RBN we’ve retrieved, but instead, drop(burn) the total supply by 50 million $RBN and keep the remainder for future liquidity for DEX listing(s). This should happen in the next few weeks.

The migration window will be open till December 2023. We will assess the migration situation again later this year and decide if we should end the migration window as planned.

Moving ahead, $RBN will be used for a new purpose — to purchase a membership of the MinoDAO, which will be further explained below. We’ll also consider opening up Versus events with $RBN as the prediction token. Profits generated from the Versus events involving $RBN will be burned, further reducing the supply of $RBN.

All future profit-sharing mechanisms will go through MinoDAO.

In summary, $RBN will adopt a dwindling supply mechanism after the migration, allowing $RBN the opportunity to increase in significant value as $RBN is burned for various reasons. However, as always, for $RBN to grow in value, it’ll require Robinos to start bringing in profits, which can be distributed to MinoDAO members, making more people want to purchase $RBN and become a MinoDAO member. The $RBN collected as membership fees will also be burned, further reducing the supply of $RBN moving forward.


Switching to Telos has been great so far, especially in terms of chain useability and the support we’ve received from the Telos Foundation. The low fees, eco-friendly, and also speed of transactions have been very impressive, which enables Robinos to have a smoother experience in all departments.

The technical capabilities of Telos have enabled Robinos to venture further into development, without worrying about potential bottlenecks we may face later.

We’re excited, and looking forward to helping grow the Telos ecosystem. There will be more exciting partnerships to look out for!

From prediction platform to sports performance trading

Robinos is more than a prediction platform and sportsbook, but not everyone sees it that way. To put a stronger focus on our unique tokenized prediction model, we’ve decided to drop the prediction platform label, and call ourselves a sports performance trading platform.

We hope that this will allow new users to see Robinos in a different light, and not just as a decentralized sportsbook or a gambling avenue.


We’ll be looking at ways to collaborate with other communities and work closely with Telos. One angle we’re looking at would be to start hosting competitions and leagues for some of the web3 games.

We want to help other projects show their community that they’re still around, and the events that we host, coupled with some prediction elements in it, it allow the community to be more involved in those tournaments that we host by taking part in some fun predictions along the way.

The Robinos journey hasn’t been easy, but it could have been a lot tougher without some of you in the community who are reading this now!

Hope to see you guys in MinoDAO soon! And, we’ll have fun this crypto winter!