The Mino NFT Reward system — World Cup edition

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4 min readNov 30, 2022

So we know that you all love trading your Mino’s — building your super roster and leveling up. It’s been fun to watch the bartering and negotiations, but mostly y’all are holding them tight, not willing to let go. As all Super Agents should 😎👔

Now it’s time to do what Super Agents do best — and that’s get paid! And here’s where Mino NFT really shines and the utility made possible by the Robinos Prediction platform really in.

Managing the best talent makes bank!

For the World Cup, we’ll be activating rewards for the following prizes:

  • Overall Winning Team
  • Golden Ball — overall best player
  • Golden Boot — highest goal scorer
  • Golden Glove — most number of saves
  • Best Young Player

If you are managing any of the players that are part of the winning team, or win an individual award, you’ll get paid. No staking necessarily, our Smart Contract will recognize your Super Agent status and airdrop the earnings to your wallet.

And for the 2022 FIFA World Cup earnings are paid in $USDC!!

Where does the money come from?

This is the beautiful part. Remember how you had to predict on Robinos to get your coveted Whitelist spots? Well because of Robinos 🤝 Mino, a portion of the total World Cup prediction pool will go to rewarding Mino Super Agents.

So if you’re a Mino holder you better use the next few days wisely and get as many predictions in the event as possible.

A special thanks to the Telos Foundation for the World Cup as they’ve helped to boost the prize pool for our inaugural Mino collection release! (Thanks guys!)

Here’s how the prizes will be allocated.

We’ve got approximately $150 in USDC as the base level of rewards. On top of this, we’re allocating 5% of the total World Cup prediction pool on Robinos to reward for Mino holders (currently the pool is $1883, so 5% is $94).

So at the time of writing, that amounts to $244 USDC, and it will grow as the predictions grow!


  • World Cup winning team = 50% of prize allocation ($122 USDC at the time of writing)
  • Golden ball = 18% ($44 USDC)
  • Golden boot = 17% ($41 USDC)
  • Golden glove = 7% ($17 USDC)
  • Best young player = 8% ($20 USDC)


  • The prizes will be shared among the multiple NFT holders (ie if Messi wins Golden Ball, the sole Messi holder will take all of the Golden Ball prize, if a Superstar wins the prize it will be shared among the five holders)
  • If a prize is won by a player who is not represented by a Mino NFT then the prize allocation will be shared proportionally by the other reward pools
  • To be eligible for the winning World Cup team prize the player must have played in the final (i.e. Benzema will not earn the holder any rewards if France wins)

Indicative rewards for each prize

Here’s how the rewards look as things currently stand:

World Cup Winning Team
Each player would win these amounts if the following countries win:

  • France: $13.62
  • Brazil: $8.76
  • Argentina: $11.14
  • Spain: $8.76
  • Germany: $9.43
  • Portugal: $10.21
  • England: $8.76

France players earn the most because Benzema is out of the team.

Here are the rewards for each of the individual prizes based on a different category winning:

Golden Ball:

  • Goat: $44.13
  • HOF: $22.06
  • Legend: $14.71
  • Wonderkid: $14.71
  • Superstar: $8.83

Golden Boot:

  • Goat: $41.68
  • HOF: $20.84
  • Legend: $13.89
  • Wonderkid: $13.89
  • Superstar: $8.34

Golden Glove

  • Goat: $17.16
  • HOF: $8.58
  • Legend: $5.72
  • Wonderkid: $5.72
  • Superstar: $3.43

Best Young player:

  • GOAT: N/A
  • HOF: N/A
  • Legend: $6.54
  • Wonderkid: $6.54
  • Superstar: $3.92

Example from the previous World Cup

To make it even more clear, and to show you how juicy these rewards are, we’ve pretended that everything that happened in the 2018 World Cup will happen this year and the current prize pool is the final prize pool. Here’s what would have been paid out:

  • France won the world Cup so holders of Mbappe, Tchouaméni and Camavinga would each get get $13.62
  • Luka Modric won the Golden Ball and would get $22.06
  • Harry Kane won the Golden Boot and would get $20.84
  • As Golden Glove Thibault Courtois would get $5.72
  • Kylian Mbappé would get $6.54 as the Best Young Player (Mbappé comes away with a total prize money of $20.16).

How much did you pay for your Mino?

A final point…

Mino NFTs will endure after the World Cup is over. So when your players return to their club (which club’s going to have Christiano?) and they do well in either the Premier League or Champions League, or if they win the Ballon d’or then you’ll get rewarded again!

And now you have two things to do to make the most amount of money you can:

  1. Get as many whitelist spots as you can to get as many Mino as you can!
  2. Encourage your mum, dad, great Aunt Dora, postman Bill and the guy you hate from high school to predict who they think will win the World Cup. The bigger the prize pool, the better for EVERYONE!!

(To find out how to get your whitelist spot, check this medium article)

Good luck!