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Liquid Vault

What is Liquid Vault and Why is it groundbreaking?

A Liquid Vault is a smart contract that holds a project’s tokens but to which anyone can send ETH and receive back LP tokens.

It was additionally interesting because of the possibilities this opened up. This smart contract — “Liquid Vault”- could also:

  1. Lock the UNI-V2 LP tokens for a period before the buyer could claim them;
  2. Charge an “ETH fee” thus reducing the 50% discount. This ETH could then be used for other purposes;
  3. Permanently lock some LP tokens by sending them to the zero address while still giving the buyer LP at a discount.

Liquid Vault is 250 lines of code packed with enough power to drive tokenomic systems in multiple new ways. It is Degen Labs second major innovation and contribution to the DeFi ecosystem.

Learn more about Liquid Vault applications in Degen VC projects here.



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