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To receive #alphadrops from our Pure Launch projects you need to do two things:

  1. Buy DGVC on Uniswap
  2. Pool DGVC on Uniswap

Thats it. You’ll receive alphadrops to your wallet.

If you want to add your DGVC and DGVC LP tokens to Metamask use these addresses: 0x26E43759551333e57F073bb0772F50329A957b30 and 0x7cdc560cc66126a5eb721e444abc30eb85408f7a respectively.

As we take this massively challenging, rewarding and fulfilling journey into one of the biggest challenges in the world of finance, let alone #DeFi, Fraser and I have been doing a lot of thinking about how we evolve from being a pure listing and launch business and into one that truly captures the zeitgeist of the start-up ecosystem.

We came to the market through the Uniswap AMM as an experiment — and we have been quite open about this — in order to find out an existential truth for ourselves: is what we have been ideating, engineering and proposing actually viable, and how could our vision be realised? The idea we have strived for is simply; can we do better than VCs and transfer alpha to the crowd?

What we have found has surprised us and surpassed our every expectation. A solid, loyal and driven community — our beloved #degenhorde — and an incredible number of project applications, the quality of which frankly has us taken aback. It’s not that we didn’t expect to have good projects approach us, it’s more the game-changing nature of some of them.

We have been humbled by this process, and it has cemented the thinking of the new path we embark upon today.

Degen Labs

In a Pure Launch Every. Single. Person. Has. Access. To. The. Best. Investment. Deals. That’s it, that’s the Tweet.

Step 1—Design

Degen Labs works with projects to design a Pure Launch:

  • The Uniswap market is created the right way to prevent bot attacks and other attack vectors.
  • Team/Dev/Project tokens are locked pragmatically in Unicrypt
  • The Degen VC horde is apprised of the project particulars.

Step 2 — Airdrop

The airdrop takes place as follows:

  • Prior to the count down to airdrop timer running down, a snapshot of the DGVC LP is taken;
  • Degen VC airdrops the projects allocation to DGVC LP wallets

Step 3 — Growth

The Degen VC community “horde” is heavily incentived to evangelise the new project and Degen Labs continues to nurture the new project and its fledging market. There is a lot to do:

  • Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
  • Blockfolio & Delta
  • Etherscan

The Pure Launch is novel in the finance world. The Degen VC vision is democratised finance. What does this look like? To us its millions of small investors pooling DGVC with the “horde” and being rewarded with Alpha that hitherto only venture capalists enjoyed.

A #DeFi ecosystem designed to front-run Venture Capital

Degens replace VCs #defi | Web | Twitter @degen_vc |Telegram | Uniswap

Paul Scott - Degen.VC

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Degens replace VCs #defi | Web | Twitter @degen_vc |Telegram | Uniswap