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$RAUX airdrop complete!

If you were in the $DGVC LP, you now have $RAUX. So now what?

This article is a quick summary of what you options are as a $RAUX owner.

$RAUX is a token of the ERCAU project and grants you a share in ERCAU profits. It will be also be a governance token in a future ERCAU DAO. You can see your $RAUX in your MetaMask wallet by adding its address 0x68496eE825DAFE1cF66D4083f776B9eAAb31e447.

As a $RAUX airdrop recipient you have many options:

  1. Sell your $RAUX on Uniswap. However, your ability to do so will be limited by Uniswap itself and the available liquidity.
  2. Pool your $RAUX on Uniswap. In doing so you add $RAUX liquidity on this market and if demand rises so will the price. If demand drops accordingly so will the price.
  3. Hold onto your $RAUX in your wallet or transfer it to your Trezor or Ledger for safekeeping if you want!

Be realistic. It’s early days for ERCAU and $RAUX. The project is pre-MVP actually. I am often reminded of Band Protocol, which launched with fanfare — as a Binance IEO no less — only to see its price drop from 60 cents to 20 cents. This was just under a year ago but the time came for Band and over the past month its price rose to $15! ERCAU is an idea for the age of Central Bank Digital Currencies. We believe that its day will come too and we are delighted to have you onboard.



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