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$SGV has been #alphadropped!

Here you will learn how to DeFi on Polygon and what you might do next with your $SGV


Degen.VC has 318 people holding DGVC LP tokens to receive the venture studios alphadrops. Degen VC gives its tokens free to this community as form of incentive not just to be part of the DGVC LP but also to support the new project tokens by adding liquidity to the pair on an AMM. In this way, the project does not need to enter the fraught arena of token sales nor rely on VCs.

$SGV token is the latest! Check all the helpful links below to learn more about this project.

Your SGV token address is: 0x688eeeba97b88ef7b8c82ba5a7c79468128a2562

Here are some helpful links:

Now what?

The good news

As published on our Telegram and Twitter this week, we have launched the governance token of Scarcity Gameverse, and it’s token symbol is $SGV.

Many of you may not know that Scarcity has been fully deployed on Polygon, and the relevant links and information are as follows:


The Gitbook link contains all the relevant token distribution information. This is important as it reveals something interesting: only 1% of a total of 5% of the token allocated to the #degenhorde have been sent via #alphadrop thus far. There is more to come…


We realise that many degens may have trepidation about using the Polygon Mainnet. In order to overcome this, below please find the links to the steps you need to follow in order to add a Custom RPC to your Metamask or Wallet Link wallet. These are links directly from the Polygon documentation as you can see. Note — please do not trust anything other than those from verified sources.

Now you can see $SGV in your wallet once you add the token.




Degens replace VCs #defi | Web | Twitter @degen_vc |Telegram | Uniswap

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