DeBio Network Finishes Public Sale, Raising $1.5 Million in a Week

We raised 1.5 million dollars in one week, with an average sale price of $0.23 and a total token supply of 100 million $DBIO. Our fully diluted valuation is $23M.

DeBio Network
DeBio Network


Image retrieved from the DeBio Deck

Our initial dex offering (IDO)/public sale has ended. We raised 1.5 million dollars in one week on Skyward Finance. With an average sale price of $0.23 and a total token supply of 100 million $DBIO, our fully diluted valuation is $23M, with an initial supply valuation of $4.6M.

It has been a fantastic journey for the entire DeBio Network team. We want to thank all of our community members for participating in the public sale.

Our public sale began a week ago, on November 14th, 2021. We thank the entire community for supporting us through this important event. All community investors who participated during the public sale can already exchange their $DBIO to $NEAR in Ref Finance. You can also create liquidity pools on Ref Finance to earn staking rewards.

In the future, you can also stake your $DBIO token once the DeBio Network Appchain is up on the Octopus Network, but for now, the only way to stake $DBIO is through Ref Finance.

Public sale participants will receive an $OCT airdrop directly from the Octopus Network team. For every 32.5 $DBIO you buy in the public sale, you get an airdrop of 1 $OCT.

Before the public sale, investors who joined either our angel, seed, strategic, or private rounds should start receiving their tokens in the upcoming weeks. All private round investors will receive tokens within two weeks.

Providing 100k TVL $wNEAR/$DBIO on Ref Finance

We have provided a liquidity pool of USD 100k TVL of $wNEAR/$DBIO in Ref Finance. The TVL will be divided 50/50 between the two tokens (USD 50k $wNEAR and USD 50k $DBIO) and serve as the first liquidity pool available on the platform to allow trading on the decentralized exchange.

We will add more liquidity to adjust to the market demands in the coming days. We are also working on the late stages of finalizing the $wNEAR/$DBIO farm in Ref Finance.

You Can Bridge Funds From ETH to NEAR

Good news! If you want to transfer some of your funds from the Ethereum ecosystem to NEAR, you can use the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge is a native ETH ↔ NEAR Bridge built by NEAR Protocol.

The biggest tokens from Ethereum are now available on the NEAR Protocol. Rainbow Bridge doesn’t physically transfer tokens between networks because that is impossible. Instead, it utilizes a smart contract to lock tokens on the Ethereum ecosystem and mint them on NEAR (and vice-versa if you want to go from NEAR to Ethereum).

After you have bridged your funds to NEAR from Ethereum, you can use Ref Finance to exchange it with $DBIO tokens provided by the liquidity pools.

The NEAR Protocol already provides resources for you to use the Rainbow Bridge:

  • You can check out an in-depth video walk-through on how to bridge your funds from Ethereum to NEAR here.
  • You can learn more about how Rainbow Bridge works here.

Healthtech Innovation of The Year

On November 15th, the day after the IDO, DeBio Network received the Healthtech Innovation of The Year Award from CNBC Indonesia.

Image retrieved from CNBC Indonesia

In her speech, the CEO of DeBio Network, Pandu Sastrowardoyo, said, “Healthtech is a crucial sector for Indonesia. With a population of 280 million people, there is a lot of potential in it, and it should be our main concern soon,”.

She continued, “Receiving this [award] will push DeBio Network to keep working to not only benefit the Indonesian community but the international community as a whole; to provide medical data to those who own it, the patients. We believe those who generate the data must have full ownership and data sovereignty”.

The future is here. DeBio is creating solutions to revolutionize the healthcare and genetic testing industry. Are you ready to change the world with us?