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Jan 12, 2019 · 3 min read
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The future of boot-clj — we at Degree9 use boot everyday, from running local builds on our dev laptops to containers in production. Boot is an essential part of our toolkit, so you can imagine we jumped at the opportunity when an open-call was placed for maintainers.


1. Boot has new maintainers — Degree9

2. V3 targets performance, long-term support

3. V4 targets cross-platform, boot as libraries

4. Joining Open Collective

5. Commercial Support

6. T-Shirts & Stickers!

Boot is a great example of clojure and open-source. We want to continue developing boot the way it always has been, driven by real-world problems by the people who use it. There are many loyal boot users within the clojure community and we want them to thrive!

So what do we have in the pipeline for boot? Well a few things!

First we want to maintain backwards compatibility with boot v2.7/2.8. If you are not already on one of these versions start updating your projects now.

There are a few common issues with boot that come up from time to time. The more noticeable problems being performance and cross-platform support. These will be the intended goals for v3/v4 respectively.

Boot V3 will focus on making performance oriented changes internally with backwards compatibility in mind. Any changes which are breaking will be delayed to v4. Our goal is to improve the experience of boot users who are familiar with the current releases, while also pinning the first LTS release.

V4 will bring boot to the masses, we have always wanted to run boot with more freedom, on more platforms. There is already a prototype replacement for boot-bin which compiles the loader shim into a native image using GraalVM. You can get a sneak peek at boot/boot-graalvm. This project will create a binary that loads almost instantly, and can be built for any Host OS. It only runs on Linux today but improvements to graal will get pulled in quickly and make native image for Windows and MacOS a possibility.

Today boot is already made up of many libraries. Moving forward these will be separated into a loose collection of tools that support one another. Making the task of improving individual features and enabling cross platform builds much easier.

open collective logo

Open-source projects don’t happen for free, there is a considerable amount of work that goes into them. So in order to continue supporting boot we are joining the Open Collective, which will provide a channel for those who want to donate to the project directly.

We know getting from development to production can be a difficult task, that’s why we are launching professional services for Boot-clj consulting.

D9 Pipeline will enable your team to take advantage of our DevOps tools and experience — automating even the most complex builds using Boot, without the need for your team to learn another tool. Your app is written in clojure, why not your build?

Already running boot in dev/prod — thats great! Get expert advice when things don’t go as planned.

Lastly we are opening an online merchandise shop <> where you can buy products with your favourite open-source project logos.

A portion of every sale goes to support the open-source community.

Boot & Hoplon will be among the first projects to get their logos featured.


DevOps Consulting & IT Automation Services

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