[meta] — Host Libraries


A stack. A framework. A conversation.

Lastly we come to our lowest level, the Host Libraries layer. In [meta] when referring to the Host we are talking about the Host Platform on which [meta] is implemented. For us this is Boot which is a Clojure application on the JVM. This is only a requirement for building and developing within [meta] and not a requirement for the final application, which is entirely JavaScript.

This layer operates on our project itself and is entirely outside of our application code. Which allows us to interact with external applications prior to any application code being compiled, it also allows compilation of different portions of application code for multiple build types.

Some examples of what [meta] does prior to the framework within Host Libraries:

  • Project Dependencies/Environment
  • Generating Application Files
  • Executing External Applications (Node.js, NPM)
  • Project Versioning
  • Repository Sync
  • Multi-Build Workflows

This provides a complete solution for building applications using [meta] as a single dependency.

You can try [meta] and checkout the README over at GitHub.