Heidi Matheny: woman who allegedly drowned grandmother deemed fit to stand trial

After being transported to a mental health facility at the start of December, a woman who allegedly confessed to drowning her 93-year-old grandmother has been deemed fit to stand trial by a judge, according to WHIO report.

Heidi Matheny of Eaton, Ohio faces one count of murder after she told police in November 2022 that she she went up behind her grandmother, who was washing dishes at the time, and dunked her head beneath the water “until she stopped blowing bubbles”, WHIO reported previously…



A glimpse into the horrific crimes of women who kill, cases new and old. How do they differ from their male counterparts? Who were they before they were killers? Why is society’s attitude different towards female killers than it is to men? Come along into the darkness!

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Lavinia Thompson

Just an old garden witch who writes about murder, true and fictional.