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📌📝AMA Recap with DeHive CTOAPR-30–2021

30 April 2021 / 11 AM (UTC) / “DeHive Finance” Telegram Channel


Aleksei Korobeinikov (CTO) & DeHive team🐝

Brief Information about the project

DeHive provides its users with an economically sound and justified index of the top DeFi assets. Thus, the user is able to get a picture of DeFi sector development and assess the market health in general.


Aleksei Korobeinikov, CTO of DeHive has taken AMA in the DeHive Finance telegram channel to get to know the community better, get more involved with the users and answer any questions.

Introduction part

DeHive Finance: Could you give us a brief intro about your work in DeHive and your background?

Aleksei Korobeinikov: My name is Alex (Aleksei) Korobeinikov and I am the CTO of DeHive Finance. I have quite extensive experience working with different blockchains and crypto projects.

I worked and developed such DeFi projects as YieldApp, YearnAgnostic, Tranche protocol and have vast experience in this field. I am a current CTO and main R&D engineer in Blaize and Zokyo. The experience of working with a number of decentralized projects helps to develop and acquire new skills almost every day.

DeHive Finance: Nice!🐝 Could you give a brief intro of DeHive from the tech perspective? 😁

Aleksei Korobeinikov: As you know DeHive platform will provide its users with an economically sound and justified index of the top DeFi assets. The users will be able to get a picture of DeFi sector development and assess the market health in general.

In addition, in contrast to the centralized market tools, DeHive users will benefit from liquidity mining and yield farming to get an additional profit.

Twitter questions

DeHive Finance: Okay, good, so now I think we can proceed to the Twitter questions. I will post it one by one so that you can answer no rush 🐝

Q1: DeHive is a decentralized crypto index protocol and it will give the opportunity to hold tokens in one index and as we know the end of Sep. you will integrate BSC as well. But I haven’t seen other Chains like TRX or SOL, do you have plans for them?

Aleksei Korobeinikov: BSC is one of the most promising ecosystems along with Ethereum, that’s why we expect the tremendous amount of liquidity utilized in our protocol. We are also seeing a huge potential in Solana and Polygon as fast-growing Dapp platforms, so DeHive most likely will expand to this market. We are super excited about cross-chain assets indexes and do a lot of stuff related to bridging different chains.

DeHive Finance: Ok, next question 😁

Q2: Too many projects promising bright hopes for the future, but never released a product that worked or proved any revenue, can you tell us what makes the DeHive Finance different from other projects?

Aleksei Korobeinikov: Well, DeHive is baked by, and it speaks for itself. Blaize is a team of professional software engineers, delivering complex technological solutions and doing the “magic” to solve the problems.

Our expertise is time-tested and confirmed by many clients, we know how to design, plan, develop and launch the DeFi and crypto products.

DeHive Finance: Can we proceed to the next one?)

Aleksei Korobeinikov: Sure.

Q3: Can I easily create my own custom index or do create it as part of the community? Is there a limited amount of custom indexes available?

Aleksei Korobeinikov: Yes, that is exactly what the DeHive platform offers to DeFi and crypto users. The index creation is the main flow regulated by our platform and will be controlled by DAO in the next releases. And there are no limits for the number of indexes, but there is a strong verification process that also will be polished and transferred to DeHive DAO. Done 😉

DeHive Finance: Next question.

Q4: Do you have a plan to add LP pool or stake pool integration to DeHive finance own site? If there is, will it be possible, pre-sale buyers can stake it while they are waiting on vesting period?

Aleksei Korobeinikov: Oh, nice. A lot of people ask about this, we follow the DeFi good tradition.

Of course, there are staking rewards planned and we are calculated and modeled inflation very well. We will launch a staking pool for DHV holders and liquidity providers. Details will be announced a bit later. But you definitely will not be able to stake unvested tokens.

DeHive Finance: The next one is an “NFT thing” question.

Q5: The NFT market is going to the moon right now. What plans do you have to make NFT part of DeHive index fund?

Aleksei Korobeinikov: I like NFTs 🙂 🙂

As you may know, we launched a spin-off, the collection of NFT Bees which is naturally integrated into our platform and yield farming process. Btw, they have great popularity and interest already. We sold 2 bees for 8.4 ETH.

However, the main NFT usage is for Index ownership and fee collection. We are not going to share much info, but I want to give you a hint, the Index NFTs have great potential and will be very popular.

Live questions

DeHive Finance: Nice, thank you! So we can move to the next part,

I will unmute the chat in a minute, our CMO, CBDO, and Product will join Alex here 🐝

DeHive Finance: Okay guys, thank you for your questions. We will start now 💥

Ora Lawrence: Burning tokens is very important to increase the price of tokens and reduce the supply that is already in circulation, what about DeHive, whether to burn $DHV in the future to increase the price of $DHV?

DeHive Finance: No plans for burning tokens — they will be distributed among different chains.

@civilian11: What is the number #1 priority for DeHive in the next months?

DeHive Finance: The number one priority is mass adoption — we want as many crypto people to acknowledge the project as possible. And number one goal — more exchanges. Wait for new announcements for the next month.

@Svmevk: I could notice that DeHive is an in-house project fully developed by the Blaize team which has 4+ years of experience in blockchain development, so, in your experience what is it that can be and can’t be done in order to lead a project to succeed in the blockchain market and how is DeHive different from other projects you’ve developed in the past?

DeHive Finance: DeHive is an in-house project, and this is a product. Our previous experience was mainly with outsourcing projects, where we’re not owners, just a team of experts.

With DeHive it is different because this is our own project, like our own child, you know, so we will try to do our best to make it successful 😁

Tatyana: Hi) Your roadmap says, that DeHive platform will integrate several blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, Avalanch). Could you please specify, what cross-chain operations will you support?

DeHive Finance: We will definitely support several types of cross-chain operations:

- First of all, we will have a set of bridges for transferring DHV between the chains (actually part of DHV is already planned as an initial supply for another chain)

- We are working on the concept of cross-chain indexing — indexing tokens from one chain while operating with underlying on another chain

- Index cross-chain conversion — send index from one chain to another with the conversion of the set of underlyings

- Cross Chain exchange of index — we are planning a really complex marketplace

Reinhard Van Astrea: Most projects, especially those that offer produce farming are driven by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies, the project dies. What is the key to maintaining the yield of your Project?

DeHive Finance: The main purpose and central case of DeHive is assets indexing. This case is a missing part of the current crypto economy because the market has no real indexes yet.

Farming is an additional (and very sweet) case compatible with the platform, so if one day the farming will go, the platform will still live and function🐝

Reinhard Van Astrea: Risks such as impermanent loss or other risky operations could deter the success of any project. What mechanism have you put in place to help minimize the risk for DeHive users as possible as you can? Do you have any risk-mitigating strategies you adopt or aim to adopt?

Aleksei Korobeinikov (CTO): That’s why we avoid AMM pools for index baskets (like our competitors do), there is no impermanent loss while it is still able to rebalance Index by migrating the underlyings. As for security risks, we have a clear understanding of how to deal with security. We are focusing on creating a classy test setup that solves a lot of issues during the dev process. And the plan is to have both internal and external security audits for protocol, as well as insurance funds.

@civilian11: What are your current plans to onboard new clients/partnerships and how will you be marketing DeHive? Any plans for further listings?

DeHive Finance: Hi there)) nice question, marketing is an important part of any DeFi project right now, so having a straightforward plan and strategy is a top priority.

We have recently partnered with EzDeFi — this is a huge step, and this is a good partnership that will bring a higher level of DeHive index adoption in the nearest future. There are a few new-coming partnerships that will come next week, so stay tuned 😇

We have a well-planned strategy for listings, yet we want to toward our efforts to something big, those things take time) yet the benefits will tell for themselves.

Gianna Dinah: We can see an uncountable amount of Hacking & Leaking News today in this Cryptocurrency Space. How do you ensure that the assets of your Users are Safe and Secure?

DeHive Finance: As you know already, DeHive is developed and maintained by Blaize — a team of blockchain devs with experience in the field. Blaize has its own in-house team of smart contract and blockchain auditors that conducts security audits for our clients. Therefore, working together with such a team, I can say — we detect vulnerabilities before they even occur.

However, even the best blockchain developer and/or auditor will not neglect the double-check. That is why DeHive has made a strategic partnership with Zokyo. Zokyo’s security team will take care of the DeHive platform’s general protection from malicious actions and attack resistance improvement so that we can ensure the highest level of security for users’ assets.

Alice: What applications will be created that were previously unavailable on the blockchain?

DeHive Finance: Decentralized crypto index itself was not created yet, so as the platform for indexes issuing, we are creating an actual transferable, tradeable cross-chain portfolio in a form of an index. That is a unique feature.

@tuancaoto: Is DeHive available for the global people or It’s limited for some areas? If it’s globally available are you guys planning to introduce it globally?

DeHive Finance: Nice one! And the answer is yes — we want and we need to go global, as far as our product is something the market really misses and requires.

We choose Ethereum as a good start point in order to achieve maximum adoption and volume at the beginning. We have also partnered with a few big and influential funds from different parts to cover the biggest number of users from all over the world.

@Svmevk: The 1st step in using DeHive is to make an initial contribution using ETH. Regarding this, how much ETH is intended to be provided by a user? With the high gas costs on Eth, what are your plans so that users don’t have to suffer a high gas fee? Is there a possibility to use other tokens?

Aleksei Korobeinikov (CTO): DeHive platform enables Index issuing which requires higher gas costs for acquiring Index tokens than buying them directly. Users will be able to buy, trade the tokens on exchanges or dapps as well, so it solves high gas fee issues. Another option to save money on interacting is using DeHive infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain which has super cheap transactions and wrapped Ethereum assets.

@Dotishjack1133: ✨What is the most ambitious goal of the project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

DeHive Finance: Our Everest is to become the largest cross-chain platform, as big, as yearn conglomerate is. We definitely have resources and ideas for creating a really unique product, available on several chains, with economically justified cases. So the goal is ambitious but definitely feasible and achievable.

@thebrianlock: Will the holder of the token be able to unwrap their assets if they want to give it all back?

DeHive Finance: Yes, we have the scheme of index redemption and we are working on the abilities of flexible index wrap/unwrap.

Check more in DeHive Tokenomics

@tandepzxai: What difficulties did DeHive experience when building a project? What achievements has DeHive currently have and what is DeHive’s future development orientation?

DeHive Finance: Hmmmm… fair question, yet, as you know, we are a pretty experienced team of blockchain devs. Building our own product is new for us — true, but we have a good team of R&D engineers and researchers with Alex in the head. They make sure we minimize risks as much as we can 🐝

@apolzq: Are you planning to have $DHV listed on any CEXs or DEXs, when?

Pasha Bergman: Of course we are planning to be listed on TOP-100, TOP-20, TOP-3 exchanges. It requires project launch, higher volume, and a strong community. We are working on all vectors.

@justatee: Most newer DeFi platforms are DeHive a copy-paste of the existing ones. So, what things do DeHive works offer that no other DeFi platform offers?

Aleksei Korobeinikov (CTO): We are different from our competitors with our approach to index creation, yield farming for underlying, and index management.

DeHive Finance: Guys, thank you for your questions 😁

AMA question winners were contacted in private messages, the rewards were sent on the same day of the event. Thank you all for your great questions and active participation! Hope to see you very soon during our next AMA session in May🐝

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