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Built-In Exchanges in the DeHive dApp

A few months ago, our team started integrating external exchanges into our interface to help users quickly manage their funds without even switching tabs. Today, it’s time to tell you more about this feature and all the opportunities behind it.

Built-In Exchanges in the DeHive dApp — Uniswap, QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, HoneySwap

What has been done

Our development team had worked hard, and we had even established several partnerships to make this possible, but eventually, we integrated several swaps to the DeHive app. With their help, users can buy and sell DHV as well as native tokens of the built-in exchanges.

Here is a full list of the protocols available on DeHive and the corresponding exchanges:

  • Ethereum chain — Uniswap (ETH)
  • Polygon chain — QuickSwap (MATIC)
  • Binance Smart Chain — PancakeSwap (BNB)
  • Gnosis chain — HoneySwap (XDAI)
HoneySwap exchange in the DeHive interface
HoneySwap exchange in the DeHive interface

Besides, we have introduced built-in protection from high slippage, which prevents frontrunning. This way, users can stay confident in their trades since the maximum slippage during the swap on the DeHive dApp is 4%.

Please note that all the exchanges we mentioned before are built by other projects and solely integrated into our interface. This means that their security is fully provided by the swaps.

What’s next

At the moment, you can trade only native tokens on such built-in exchanges. However, our team is already considering manual integration of other tokens so that you can buy and sell your assets within the DeHive dApp.

What do you think about such an idea? Let us know in the comments!

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