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DeHive Annual DevUpdate — 2021

2021 is officially finished as like holidays too, thus it is time to check the path of DeHive🐝 through the previous year!

DeHive Annual DevUpdate — 2021

Long path

2021 is the year when the DeHive protocol was born 🎉. The actual date is February, 7th. That was the day when we came to crypto indexes, invented the concept of Cluster, and started the development. It was quite a long and full of events year! Just take a look at the steps we have passed:

✅ After a couple of months of preparations DHV has been listed on Uniswap and has appeared on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap in March;

✅ We have been listed on;

✅ We have integrated Polygon and have been listed on QuickSwap (with a quite successful cross-farming event);

✅ By that we have already produced Eth-Core Cluster and Polycluster for both integrated networks. And that is not saying about Poly Gaming Cluster. This is another successful crypto index;

✅ We have presented a new concept — autocompounding pools wrapped into the Impulse concept. We have successfully tested the technology and applied it on several networks;

✅ We have added a one-click autocompounding pool for Curve protocol with stablecoin input and it is still available on Polygon network;

✅ Another big integration has come at the beginning of the autumn. DeHive have been deployed to the BSC network, with PancakeSwap listing, another successful DeFi Cluster, and several autocompounding Impulses;

✅ But that was only the beginning because in the last month our dev-team has integrated Gnosis Chain (former xDai) and added two more Clusters (xInfra and de-xDai) with top Gnosis Chain projects. This step has brought several partnerships and collaborations into the ecosystem. Such as Gnosis Chain by itself, HoneySwap (with DHV listing of course), Minerva Wallet integration;

✅ At the end of 2021, was made the integration of Intercom and Support center to bring comfortable communication with the dev-team.

That was quite a path and we have followed development through the year. So now a few words about integrations and collaborations, because there were plenty of them. Let’s remember key moments of the year💥

Place in DeFi

DeHive platform holds a solid place in the DeFi ecosystem with our vision of crypto indexes. At the beginning of the path, we have declined the AMM model as not safe. Thus, we have developed our unique solution which allows us to create fully backed crypto indexes, which act as a secure vault for underlying currencies and as fungible tokens eligible for farming from the user point of view. That is the way how the concept of Cluster has been born. So now Cluster is a yield generating crypto index, the tool for your portfolio diversification and management.

We have implemented DeHive crypto indexes on several networks, integrated over 20 yield-farming strategies to provide an instant profit over the diversified portfolio. We have partnered with Metis and Gnosis Chain ecosystems, with several projects like QuickSwap, Dfyn, Peanut, and others to spread the ecosystem of decentralized crypto indexes. Also big part of the ecosystem played is our collaborations with Minerva and HoneySwap. We believe that there is even more room for our platform to evolve and to expand our ecosystem🚀


Speaking of the DeHive ecosystem, there are several worths of mention integrations and partnerships, which have brought value to the protocol.

🔷 Partnership with Gnosis Chain, and Metis. Also, collaboration with Polygon. The support from the core teams of blockchains with large ecosystems has given a real push to the growth of the platform;

🔷 Partnership with AnySwap and QuickSwap, listings on PancakeSwap, HoneySwap and Uniswap. That is more than just creation of liquidity pair, that is a solid foundation for the protocol on the chosen chains;

🔷 Integration into the Minerva Wallet — the core-wallet for the Gnosis Chain network. It has made Clusters and DHV available on all chains on your mobile devices;

🔷 Listings in CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, CryptoRank, 1inch, and DappRadar. That gives the trust for the protocol since users can always check the stats of the platform;

🔷 The platform has close collaboration with Unstoppable Domains. We have integrated login with the UD human-readable domain which (together with native Metamask and WalletConnect logins) brings profit from Clusters for more users;

🔷 Partnerships with Dfyn, Peanut, EzDeFi, iMe, HAPI, and other protocols have expanded the ecosystem and who knows what can be brought to the platform out of these collaborations?

Even more partnerships are on the way. DeHive team has something that will really surprise the community🤩

One click

Most of you have noticed, that the first priority we want to bring is convenience for the users. Thus, “One click — the whole DeFi market” is one of our main ideas which pushes us to bring constant updates to the DeHive app. For now, we already have a new platform re-design which has brought a lot of UI improvements and we constantly upgrade it to bring better UI and UX for our users. “One-click” is more than an idea! We have one-click network switching, one-click button to add DHV or Clusters to Metamask, one-click autocompounding tools, a one-click autocompounding tool for Curve stablecoin pool, one-click portfolio.

Of course, we will continue to bring improvements. Even invisible ones such as better price feeds, APY services, TVL calculations, backend services for the platform stability. We have already noticeably improved the speed and the performance of the dApp. Though, there is still a place for upgrades.


Just let’s summarise in numbers our achievements:

  1. 4 networks integrated — Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Gnosis Chain;
  2. 6 successful Clusters (yield generating crypto indexes) have been deployed. And most of them has quite profitable farming strategies (over 20 strategies were implemented);
  3. 20 autocompounding Impulses has been provided on Polygon and BSC networks;
  4. One-click autocompounding tool for Curve;
  5. Over 1 mln TVL accumulated on the platform;
  6. Over a dozen of successful integrations and collaborations;
  7. 12 regular dev-updates;
  8. Every-week release or upgrade of the platform;
  9. 3 security audits from Hacken, Zokyo, and the internal Blaize.Securty auditors team.
  10. Over 100 helpful articles in our Intercom Support Center;

We have achieved almost all the planned milestones! Nevertheless, we have a long way to go.

New Year promises

You have already seen our updated roadmap. Though, there are more to do.

New chains. We want to expand our ecosystem as far as we can, so our Roadmap for the next quarter already has another chain as a solid point. Though, it is only the start of the year. So even more will come.

New integrations. DeHive is a multichain protocol with more cross-chain operations coming. And this fact makes it hard to be fully integrated into most aggregators. Nevertheless, the team constantly works with Zerion, DeFiLlama, DeFiPulse, and other applications in order to get fully integrated. That is priority number one for us.

New tools. In order to make your portfolio works, we already have a stablecoin tool for Curve in our application. It is a good addition to the Clusters, which works with tokens and assets. So we plan even more profitable tools for your portfolio.

New UI and dashboards. Our constant upgrades are unstoppable. And we also hear the community. Long-waited Clusters’ charts are under development. So be sure, that soon you will be able to see all the historical info for the portfolio performance in general and Clusters in particular.

Keen to check out more?

📄 👉 Read Our Whitepaper

📧 👉 Check our roadmap

As you can see, our team is following the roadmap to deliver all features on time. So follow our social media to be the first one to learn the news:

Twitter| LinkedIn | Medium | Telegram News | Telegram Chat | YouTube |Reddit




DeHive is a decentralized protocol that allows the user to become a holder of the top DeFi tokens packed into one index with one click.

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