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DeHive as an Efficient Portfolio Management Tool

Many people don’t want to deal with cryptocurrency and don’t start trading because it seems pretty challenging. And at times, it is really so. Investors need to keep in mind plenty of things, including all their assets, wallets, and ongoing market trends.

Luckily, there are many modern tools that can greatly facilitate the trading experience. There is even the whole sphere of portfolio management created for this purpose.

DeHive as an Efficient Portfolio Management Tool

What is portfolio management?

All of us, investors, are extremely tired of fighting the crypto market, trying to consider volatility and build a profitable strategy. Sometimes, it seems almost unreal to predict market fluctuations unless you are an experienced crypto trader.

The ones who can afford it hire a portfolio manager to take care of their investments and make decisions. Such a person or an organization is responsible for implementing an investment strategy, investing assets, and managing day-to-day portfolio trading.

Others substitute a portfolio manager with relevant software that helps perform almost the same actions and also facilitates trading. These tools allow users to keep track of all their assets on different wallets and see the whole image clearly to make the right decision.

Here are the main benefits of portfolio management tools:

  • You can see all assets on all wallets and chains at once.
  • You can monitor price changes in real-time and track your investments over time.
  • You can check the Profit and loss (PNL) statement that shows your portfolio development during a particular period of time.

As you might’ve already understood, such a tool can make your trading experience much more comfortable, but what if we can take it even further?

Innovative crypto portfolio manager

The DeHive team decided to take portfolio management further and combined this idea with the concept of an index fund that also facilitates investments. This is how we’ve created crypto indexes — baskets of the best-performing crypto assets within one chain.

Crypto indexes allowed us to make trading easier than ever and provide our users with the following benefits:

  • great portfolio diversification;
  • automatic asset selection, which means that you don’t need to spend time on choosing the most promising assets;
  • low investment risk and much greater stability, compared with regular crypto trading;
  • low fees and taxes;
  • better long-term returns;
  • perfect passive investment that doesn’t require day trading or any other fuss.

So what are these crypto indexes, and how exactly do they work?

What is a DeHive crypto index?

Any DeHive crypto index is a basket of the best-performing crypto assets within one chain. It helps traders maximize their profit with minimum efforts by offering greater diversification and more stable returns than regular cryptocurrencies. Also, it provides yield farming opportunities, which enables maximum profit with minimum efforts. That’s why we call our crypto indexes Clusters.

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​​Every crypto index on our platform is carefully composed by DeHive experts and includes the most promising crypto assets within one chain. Our experienced team of crypto traders and analytics evaluates all tokens on a network to choose the best-performing ones and add them to the index in an optimal proportion.

DeHive Clusters enable greater diversification, lower fees, and better long-term returns than other crypto assets. Besides, they are safer and more profitable compared to other crypto indexes due to built-in oracles that are used instead of the AMM technology.

Yet, the most distinctive feature of our Clusters is yield farming. Our indexes allow you to get extra profit from staking your DeHive Clusters and getting yield on the underlying assets.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You stake your Clusters along with DHV tokens.
  2. Our smart contract retrieves the current prices of the underlying assets with the help of built-in oracles.
  3. The platform sends separate assets to the yield-farming protocols using optimized strategies.
  4. You receive the converted yield in the form of new Cluster tokens.

No magic — pure science and extensive experience of our team in crypto trading. And indexes are not the only tools developed by the DeHive team. Let us tell you a bit about the rest.

Other DeHive tools

On top of crypto indexes, our team has created Impulses and Stables.

Impulses are based on the principle of automatic compound interest. They allow you to get yield on your LP tokens from other platforms and maximize your profit.

DeHive Stables are stable DeFi tools that help you earn yield on stablecoins. On the DeHive platform, you can deposit your stablecoins in one click and get passive income even during the market recession. All of this is possible due to simple trading fees accumulation from the target pool.

Combined together, these tools can save you a lot of headache down the line. They allow you to diversify your portfolio and benefit from passive portfolio management.

So join DeHive and get maximum profit with minimum effort at all times!

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