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DeHive DevUpdate — 03.05.22

Hello bees, another month has passed. The war is still happening in our country, though we do our best to continue our work and deliver the product we want the community to enjoy. Devs are working day and night to prepare our next release, we continuously deliver technical updates and are already thinking about the next steps. Let’s read about the latest updates👇

DeHive DevUpdate — 03.05.22

Development achievements

The team has a total focus on the preparation of DeHive dApp 2.0. Though, we have a bit of time to deliver technical patches and UI updates. We work on convenience, performance, and good-looking UI. From what we have achieved:

Yield farming mechanism was updated in order to decrease gas spending and increase security. For now, updates were performed on the Polygon network, other networks are on the way;

✅ Another update to our APIs and pricefeeds were delivered. We always work on those upgrades to increase the stability and make the system as flexible as we can. Also, a couple of new routes were added to be connected in the upcoming new dApp;

Clusters optimizations: as you remember, we have updated our Poly Gaming Cluster by removing the DG token from the Decentralized Games protocol. Its share was optimized within other tokens in the Cluster — no funds lost, no changes for users. Since Gaming Cluster represents V1 of the concept, it has an integrated optimization mechanism, but has no mechanism for tokens changing. On the opposite side, we have Clusters V2 deployed in the Gnosis chain and they already have advanced tools for optimizations and rebalancing. Also, de-BSC and de-Gnosis Clusters will also be optimized for the same reasons — updates with EPS and ELK tokens. More details soon;

✅ Of course, we have bigger updates. The new landing page was released! Now you have comprehensive information about all types of DeHive products in the single place, integrated info about the DHV token, and convenient content orientation.

The new DeHive landing page was released! DeHive products in the single place, integrated info about the DHV token

✅ Another huge update — the release of Stable Curve Europool on the Polygon chain. The Stable contains four underlying assets: DAI, USDT, USDC, EURT. However, despite the fact that there are four coins at the core of the Europool Stable, users are able to stake three of them: DAI, USDT, USDC.

More instruments are on their way, so don’t miss out 🤩!

In progress

While the team is focused on the dApp 2.0 delivery, we have other directions as well:

🔷 The most of the team continues to work on the DeHive dApp 2.0. We are intensively testing it and preparing the release. Just to remind you, the new application works on the updated modular architecture, utilizes another framework, and has an updated feed and APIs integrated. It is designed to qualify all requirements for the modern DeFi 2.0 application;

🔷 Aurora Cluster is still in the pipeline:
- blockchain team works on farming strategies implementation;

- Aurora Cluster comes closer with every day;

- we continue to work closely with the Aurora team to speed up the development and work out future partnerships.;

🔷 Clusters optimizations: Poly Gaming Cluster is already updated, de-BSC and de-Gnosis are on the way. The team is aware of the problems with them and we are closely working with Ellipses and Elk teams to speed up the upgrade.

What’s next?

New chains. Metis and Near&Aurora are still on the Roadmap. Though, Aurora is very close.

Application update. Massive update to dApp V2 with modern architecture and updated datafeeds. Already in line, all our efforts are on that release.

New instrument. Stablecoin instruments have proved their utility. So, the DeFi analytics team is checking possibilities for another one to bring into the DeHive ecosystem.

Keen to check out more?

📄 👉 Read Our Whitepaper

📧 👉 Check our roadmap

We will be in touch with more news soon, stay tuned and follow DeHive on social media:

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