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DeHive DevUpdate — 08.12.21

New updates — new integrations. These couple of weeks were full of invisible work 🐝 and full of visible events. New chain, new cluster, new updates. Let’s dive into the details👇🏻

Development achievements

The biggest event is our recent one: one more chain was integrated🥳

DeHive dev-team has successfully integrated the xDai chain and deployed the first Cluster in the xDai — xInfra Cluster. As for the main points of integration:

✅ DHV is officially listed on HoneySwap in pair with xDAI;

✅ DHV is listed on xDai side on Anyswap Bridge;

✅ We have opened staking for DHV/xDAI LPs with the incentivization with DHV for liquidity providing and protocol support;

New Cluster was released — accumulate yield🤑 with our new xInfra Cluster, which unites several valuable xDai protocols which support the infrastructure layer of the xDai ecosystem;

Staking was activated for our new xDai Cluster with incentives from both DeHive and xDai ecosystem;

✅ New features for xDai are on the way.

But it isn’t the end of updates! Even more updates were made:

✅ DeHive team has successfully integrated login with Unstoppable Domains — you can check the feature on Ethereum and Polygon networks. Not saying about spreading the word with the Unstoppable Domain community;

✅ We have successfully updated our listing on AnySwap router — now you can transfer DHV between any integrated chains in any combination;

✅ We have upgraded our price feeds and backend services, so now the application works faster;

✅ Several features were released for the DeHive one-click UI — now the app shows the rewards, incentives and diversifies the display of rewards;

Intercome service was updated — our support becomes better!

But like all you know, more updates are on the way.

In progress

We have still a lot of features upcoming:

🔷 New Cluster for xDai is on the way — more abilities to have a yield-generating crypto index;

🔷 We continue our collaboration with Metis blockchain, so you will receive more news about the partnership very soon;

🔷 A lot of work over the internal services are still in progress — several upgrades are already live, but more will come, especially for the APR/APY calculations;

🔷 APY calculator is already in testing mode, you will see the release in a short time;

🔷 The most wanted feature — Subgraph integration and historical Cluster price chart are already in pipeline, this is our closest priority.

🔷 The good news about Zerion, DeFiLama, and DeFiPulse is on the way.

Stay tuned, all of these will be in our media very soon🤩!

What’s next?

New chains. Metis collaboration will bring a lot of gain for both ecosystems, so our dev team works unstoppably over new instruments and integrations.

New integrations. DeFiLama and Zerion become closer every day — these are very hot features we want to deliver.

Cluster charts. We hear the community. This important update is already in the development pipeline, so stay tuned for the updates.

Keen to check out more?

📄 👉 Read Our Whitepaper

📧 👉 Check our roadmap

DeHive dev team works unstoppably over new integrations and updates, so follow DeHive on social media for more info:

Twitter| LinkedIn | Medium | Telegram News | Telegram Chat | YouTube |Reddit




DeHive is a decentralized protocol that allows the user to become a holder of the top DeFi tokens packed into one index with one click.

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