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DeHive DevUpdate — 20.12.21

These couple of weeks were full of work with DeHive infrastructure — the end of the year is a good time for bringing the foundation for the next one. So, our dev-team🐝 worked closely with the things in the core of our platform.

Development achievements

Let’s check several important updates which have come to production lately:

UI update — now you can fully see our cross-chain TVL throughout the app. Also, there were several design updates to make the UX smoother for the user — a couple of new icons, side menu restyle, Cluster’s cards updates, and so on. The idea of “one-click” lays in the foundation of the DeHive idea, thus we upgrade our UI every time we can;

✅ We have added Subgraph to the list of technologies used in the DeHive platform. This is the foundation to have statistics displayed, charts (especially Cluster’s prices charts). So, a lot of visual stuff will come after the full integration of the technology;

✅ We have been fully integrated to the Anyswap bridge — we are listed on their Router. So, you can swap DHV between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and xDAI in any direction;

✅ We have updated our WalletConnect adapter. Thus, the connection has become more stable for the mobile wallets like Trust Wallet, Minerva wallet and others;

✅ The team has updated our Support Center — Intercom chat is available both in the dApp and in the main site for now. Also, you should check the amount of info which is now available in the Intercom FAQ section.

There were a lot of updates to the application — though more updates for the platform are on the way.

In progress

We have still a lot of features upcoming:

🔷 Our Metis collaboration is growing — we had the AMA with Metis CEO, Elena Sinelnikova. So, stay tuned for news and updates — we will continue to bring values for our ecosystems;

🔷 A lot work over the internal services was performed — and we have planned upgrade of the price feeds and APY next week;

🔷 APY calculator is still in testing mode and will come to life just after the backend services upgrade;

🔷 Subgraph integration is already in process, so historical Cluster price chart is in pipeline;

🔷 We listen to the community about integrations and the importance of the provided data — we work closely with Coinmarketcap, Zerion and DeFiLama in order to finalize all integrations.

More features are planned and more updates will come very soon🤩

What’s next?

New chains. New chain is on the roadmap. DeHive ecosystem growth in unstoppable and inevitable.

New integrations. Our DeFi analytics team works hard to develop a new profitable tool, which can be deployed on several chains.

Cluster charts. We hear the community. This important update is already in the development pipeline, so stay tuned for the updates.

Keen to check out more?

📄 👉 Read Our Whitepaper

📧 👉 Check our roadmap

Our team is following the roadmap to deliver all features on time and in accordance by their priority. Nevertheless, we appreciate you sharing your concerns and ideas with us in our media:

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