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DeHive DevUpdate — 22.02.22

Hello, bees🐝! 2022 continues, as our development plans and releases too. Here is a short review of what the dev team worked on during the last couple of weeks.

DeHive DevUpdate — 22.02.22

Development achievements

Our platform had several very nice updates for our partners and users:

✅ Great news! DeFiLlama has listed our TVL. DeFiPulse is next;

✅ We continue to work with our partners — Minerva Wallet. So, we have pushed another update for the WalletConnect through the Minerva Wallet. Thus, just a reminder, you can check your DHV and Clusters balances on any network in the Minerva Wallet. So, you can also join the Cluster directly through the wallet;

✅ We have prolonged partner rewards for both Gnosis Clusters — de-Gnosis and xInfra;

✅ Huge UI update: we have divided our instruments by categories. Now you don`t need to scroll long lists of instruments — choose the category and invest in one click;

✅ Another big UI update! We have integrated DHV chart into the app, so you can check the price of your favorite coin;

New design for Cluster cards! More convenient UI updates will come later;

✅ We have provided several smaller UI updates. We have updated our timers, input forms, and views on the tablets.

We continue with updates, that’s why stay tuned!

In progress

This is the time of very important work over the core of our application and platform. It is a powerful, but yet invisible work, which influences the whole system:

🔷 Aurora chain is coming! Several teams now work to bring that closer:
- Our DeFi analytics work hard to prepare farming strategies for the Aurora;
- Our blockchain team is in the middle of the smart-contracts development for the brand new Aurora Cluster
- Our front-end team works on the Aurora network integration.
We work closely with the Aurora team — the latest partnership with NearPAD is the proof;

🔷 Our front-end developers are preparing a massive update of the application. We are aiming to deliver it very soon. The new application architecture will allow us to provide faster releases and increase the stability of the application to the rank of top DeFi projects;

🔷 Another team is now working on the update of our data feed for APYs. We hear the community that we should increase the accuracy of the data, so the update will come soon;

🔷 New stablecoin instrument is in the development pipeline;

🔷 Our board team is in contact with Metis. We are working on the best model of the partnership good for the communities from both sides;

🔷 We hear our community about integrations and the importance of the provided data. That’s why we work closely with Coinmarketcap, Zerion, and DeFiLama.

It will be in our media very soon 🤩

What’s next?

New chains. That is obvious that Metis and Near&Aurora are already on our Roadmap. Even more, Aurora is already in the dev pipeline.

New financial tool. We are aimed to get all the liquidity to work, so other Stablecoin tools are in the work.

Application update. We are working on the massive update to prepare the V2 version of the application with modern architecture and updated datafeeds. It may come without visible changes in UI, but you will definitely prefer stability, data accuracy, speed, and quality of the app.

Keen to check out more?

📄 👉 Read Our Whitepaper

📧 👉 Check our roadmap

DeHive dev team works unstoppably over new integrations and updates, so follow DeHive on social media for more info:

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