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DeHive DevUpdate — 31.03.22

Hello, bees, this month was tough, it has totally gone not how all of us expected, because of Russia’s invasion of our country. Thus, we needed to rearrange our team, re-build the process from scratch, and get into the new reality around us. Nevertheless, we have re-structured all our processes and now are doing our best to help our country and to bring more features for the community. Part of our team has participated in the creation Palianytsia — a Charity Initiative based in Lviv that helps refugees and war victims in Ukraine.

In spite of all circumstances, we continue our work on the platform. Let’s take a look on the latest achievements👇

DeHive DevUpdate

Development achievements

We have focused all our efforts on finishing several technical updates of the platform. There were a lot of plans for the delivery of the upgrade to migrate the dApp and services to the new high-performance model. What we have achieved:

✅ Stablecoin pools were updated with several bugfix patches;

✅ Several updates of the stats- and price-feeds were delivered. Now we track real-time APY and prices for the Stablecoin pools (from Curve and other underlying platforms) and for other instruments;

✅ We have provided some upgrades for the API used in the platform (specifically for TVL and price tracking).

Several more updates for the dApp are on the way.

In progress

More technical updates and a couple of new instruments are upcoming:

🔷 Our front-end developers continue to work on the DeHive dApp 2.0. We are actually very close to its release. The new application works on the updated modular architecture and that will allow us to provide faster releases and increase the stability of the application, so it will match the rank of top DeFi projects. That work was in parallel for a couple of months, so we can’t wait to bring it to life;

🔷 Another update of our backend services is coming. The next time it will bring the update for Impulses and Clusters feeds, so you will be able to track the performance of our instruments;

🔷 Aurora chain is in the pipeline despite all circumstances:
- DeFi analytics team brings updated farming strategies;
- blockchain devs are working on the preparation of the solution for the brand new Aurora Cluster.

We continue to work closely with the Aurora team to speed up the development and work out future partnerships;

🔷 New stabecoin instrument for the Polygon network is coming. We open our Stable impulse around the Curve Euro-pool. More details coming soon.

Stay tuned, all of these will be in our media very soon🤩!

What’s next?

New chains. Still in the line — Metis and Near&Aurora are still on the Roadmap. Though, Aurora is much closer.

Application update. Massive update to dApp V2 with modern architecture and updated datafeeds. Already in line, all our efforts are on that release.

DAO. DAO is in the pipeline. Most of our plans needed to be rescheduled, so we were forced to move the DAO drafts a bit further. Nevertheless, it is still in line, we work on several models in order to decentralize the platform even more;

Keen to check out more?

📄 👉 Read Our Whitepaper

📧 👉 Check our roadmap

DeHive dev team works unstoppably over new integrations and updates, so follow DeHive on social media for more info:

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