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DeHive Enables Yield Farming for Poly Gaming Cluster 🔥🤑

The next DeHive Yield Generating Index is out!

It’s already a tradition for our team to post weekly updates in our blog about releasing new products and improving the old ones. And this article will be no exception😉

Our community has been asking us to enable yield farming to the DeHive Poly Gaming Cluster since its release.

At the moment, we have the priorities and obligations since we are moving according to our roadmap. For instance, we are busy developing all the necessary instruments for the Binance Smart Chain integration that we have recently announced. Yet we have found a way!

Today, we are adding staking opportunities for Poly Gaming Cluster so that you can get more profit while holding your coins.

You can already stake your Poly Gaming Cluster on the Earn page of the DeHive application. This includes some DHV incentives for our community.

Check it with the link 👉🏻

Poly Gaming Cluster staking works according to the same rules as Poly Cluster staking – you need to stake some amount of DHV first to get a possibility to stake Cluster. But this is a win-win situation as you also get incentives for our community when staking DHV, which means even more rewards.

Start staking your Poly Gaming Cluster today and get even more profit with DeHive!

Stay tuned with 🐝DeHive channels and never miss an update about the next Clusters to be activated!



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