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DeHive Expands Partnership Network by Collaborating With Symmetric🔥🤩

Hey, hivers! We’ve got some great news to start off this week in a good mood.

We are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with one more fantastic project on the Gnosis chain — Symmetric. We are sure that this promising collaboration will boost both our companies and bring even more value to our users.

DeHive Expands Partnership Network by Collaborating With Symmetric

What is Symmetric?

Symmetric is a DAO-governed cross-chain automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Celo and Gnosis chains. It offers low fees, customizable pools, and a unique risk fund. Moreover, the team has developed the Symmetric launchpad that supports the creation and launch of new DeFi projects to grow and support the ecosystem.

The SYMM governance token, which we’ve included in the DeHive de-xDai crypto index, is issued as a reward to liquidity providers and stakeholders, allowing them to vote on the future of the DEX, Symmetric pools, and the ecosystem. We believe that this is a great asset that has deserved the right to be among the best-performing tokens on the Gnosis (former xDai) chain.

Partnership details

The collaboration of DeHive and Symmetric is a part of our fantastic journey towards DeFi unity and synergy. We aim to establish long-lasting strategic partnerships with all projects that we include in DeHive crypto indexes. This way, we’ll build a stronger and more secure DeFi that can benefit everyone.

As a result of this partnership, DeHive has added Symmetric to the de-xDai Cluster — the yield-generating crypto index containing top crypto assets on the Gnosis (former xDai) chain. As we enter the strategic partnership, we’ll also engage in common marketing activities, thus spreading the word about DeHive and Symmetric projects and building our communities.

We are happy to partner with Symmetric and believe that our teams will productively collaborate to bring DeFi to the next level and help our users get maximum profit. We are sure other projects will follow soon, and you’ll get to hear more about our new partners. Stay tuned!

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