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DeHive Expands the Partnership Network by Collaborating with LeagueDAO🔥🤩

Hey, hivers! Thank you for supporting us even at times of unrest — you are absolutely incredible!

Our team is moving forward and keeps developing the project as a whole and all our products. Today, we are happy to announce a new strategic partnership with an interesting GameFi market player, LeagueDAO.

We are sure that this promising collaboration will boost both our companies and bring even more value to our users. So what is it all about? Read on and see for yourself.

DeHive Expands the Partnership Network by Collaborating with LeagueDAO

What is LeagueDAO?

Launched in 2021, LeagueDAO is a community owned leader in the web3 sports and entertainment industry bridging Web 3.0 with competitive entertainment (aka fantasy sports) to develop a suite of innovative skill-based Play & Earn games.

Each of LeagueDAO’s games consists of three key parts: DeFi protocols integration, Play & Earn gaming, and NFTs. Together, these pieces form a Web 3.0 fantasy gaming reality where users can apply strategy and skill to compete in games with on-chain scoring based on real-world stats.

As a part of the DAO governed by the $LEAG ERC-20 token, users are engaged to make decisions that will shape the next evolution of competitive entertainment, from IRL fantasy sports to esports and more.

LeagueDAO has already launched several unique protocols, including The Nomo Keeper League, CryptoFantasy, and NonFungible Brackets. This summer, LeagueDAO will launch the latest version of its season-long Fantasy Football league, the Mega League, where team owners draft a roster of players to compete in weekly head-to-head matchups for a share of the real money prize pool.

Partnership details

DeHive and LeagueDAO entered into a strategic partnership to develop a DeFi strategy that would take the reward pools collected in LeagueDAO’s games and generate yield from those funds. This DeFi yield strategy is an integral part of LeagueDAO’s core infrastructure and the teams worked together to develop a strategy that fit LeagueDAO’s unique requirements and goals.

Within the partnership program, the DeHive team has developed a brand-new Polygon Impulse — a stable pool that helps balance out the deposit among three different stable pools on QuickSwap (USDT-MAI, USDC-USDT, USDC-DAI). This will become a great instrument for portfolio diversification and risk mitigation that benefits many traders.

Such a tool will allow users to increase their profit by means of depositing into three pools with different APYs. Besides, similar to all DeHive Impulses, it will enable automatic compound interest on users’ funds, which will help them benefit even more.

As a result of this partnership, LeagueDAO will use this pool to earn more funds and get a chance to allocate weekly awards to its users. The team will deposit the profit from selling NFTs, get yield, and send the proceeds to the players.

At the moment, smart contracts of the pool are undergoing an external audit so that the tool is completely secure and ready to use. After the audit and the official launch, the Impulse will be available not only to the LeagueDAO but to all users of the DeHive platform.

As we move forward with this partnership, DeHive and LeagueDAO will engage in common marketing activities, thus spreading the word about our projects and building our communities.

So today we celebrate! Let this partnership be fruitful, and to many more ahead!

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