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DeHive Integrates xDai blockchain🥳🤩

We’ve got amazing partners and we are proud to say that we only collaborate with leading companies in the industry. It’s great to know that top market players are ready to support DeHive and work on a common product together.

Today, we are happy to announce another partnership with a global ecosystem and an outstanding project, xDai.

DeHive Integrates xDai blockchain

xDai is an advanced ecosystem that continues to flourish with many new project migrations, integrations, applications, and a mature toolset for developers.

It includes several major products, such as the following:

🔹The xDai chain — a stable payments EVM blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions.

🔹A stable token xDai, which is used for transactions, payments, and fees within the platform.

🔹A STAKE token — a governance token used to support the underlying POSDAO Proof-of-Stake consensus.

🔹xDai Bridges that provide the seamless ability to move tokens between chains using the unique TokenBridge Architecture. At the moment, there are two bridges in the ecosystem: xDai bridge and Omnibridge; and many other third party bridges.

🔹A BlockScout Block Explorer that provides transactional transparency, custom features and a portal for xDai apps such as xDai staking, the xDai faucet, cross-chain bridge access and monitoring.

🔹Besides, there are many tools supporting Ethereum development that are compatible with xDai.

🔹The xDai has a vast and developed ecosystem which counts over 200 projects live on the network today.

The xDai team are great professionals, and we are happy to work with them. As a result of this partnership, we’ll be able to launch two DeHive Clusters containing best performing tokens on xDai protocol. Which coins will we include? Find out soon😉

xDai is DeHive’s long-time partner and accelerator of the ecosystem. This cooperation will lead to DeHive expansion to other exchanges and DeFi protocols as well as DHV adoption on one more chain.

Don’t miss the new Clusters launch and other news from our team!

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