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DeHive is Expanding With a New Fantastic Cluster Going Live on the Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai) 🤑🔥

Hey there, and welcome back dear bees!

Frankly speaking, we didn’t expect that much hype and excitement among our supporters when announcing the collaboration with Gnosis (formerly xDai chain). But you gave it a very warm welcome and simply melted our hearts.

That’s why, shortly after releasing the first-ever index on the Gnosis (at that time, xDai) chain, we started developing the second one 😉

And we are proud to say that starting from today, you can benefit from the best-performing tokens of the Gnosis network gathered in one index — de-xDai Cluster.

DeHive is Expanding With a New Fantastic Cluster Going Live on the Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai)

In contrast to xInfra that is all about infrastructure and governance, our new de-xDai Cluster represents the DeFi part of the market.

As always, we’ve carefully selected top tokens from the Gnosis network and united them in one de-xDai Cluster. It will include a native token as fuel for DeFi protocols, a core swap aggregator, a streaming farm, an oracle, an insurance protocol, and the largest farm aggregator. Altogether, these assets will represent the market as a whole, allowing users to benefit from the most promising trends within Gnosis financial sector.

Here’s a short list of the tokens that compose the de-xDai Cluster:

⭐️ Gnosis (GNO)

⭐️ Honey (HNY)

⭐️ Agave Token (AGVE)

⭐️ Minerva Wallet (MIVA)

⭐️ Symmetric (SYMM)

⭐️ Elk Finance (ELK)

⭐️ Chainlink (LINK)

⭐️ Etherisc DIP Token (DIP)

⭐️ DeHive (DHV)

As usual, you can benefit even more by staking the de-xDai Cluster on our platform 🔥

Get de-xDai Cluster today and boost your profit with DeHive!

Do you remember the latest Twitter contest about the upcoming de-xDai Cluster undelyings? Great news, we’ve got the winner! 🎉

@guillen_fajardo guessed $AGVE, $HNY, and $MIVA. Congratulations! 🥳🏆🏅

Check the tweet here 👉🏻

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DeHive is a decentralized protocol that allows the user to become a holder of the top DeFi tokens packed into one index with one click.

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