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DeHive Launches New Polycluster🤩

We are glad to introduce DeHive first cluster for the Polygon ecosystem. The Polycluster will be based on the Polygon blockchain and will consist of tokens supported by this chain only💥

The first Polygon (Matic) cluster has a bit different purpose, then the Ethereum one. Matic cluster contains typical Polygon protocols. Those are endemics that reflect the start of the DeFi ecosystem on this chain. The cluster includes assets applicable only to Matic.

All those protocols bring their own value into the ecosystem, covering one or another segment of the market. Though, all these protocols are closely connected, since they represent some of the core elements of expanding the Matic universe.

The cluster includes:


Every asset has its own role in the ecosystem.

1)Polygon (WMATIC)

Matic itself is represented by WMATIC. Probably no comments here, since the token itself is compatible with every other asset in the system

2) QuickSwap (QUICK)

The largest Polygon-native AMM DEX. It represents the whole DEX segment of the Polygon ecosystem

3) Dfyn Network (DFYN)

One of the most promising Polygon yield farming aggregators, which unites several farming technologies into the powerful profit-compounding mechanism.

4) PolyCat (FISH)

The protocol brings secure vaults to the Polygon. One of the largest yield farming platforms with a long list of vaults within the ecosystem.

5) Beefy Finance (BIFI)

The largest yield optimizer on Polygon. It allows using the cross-chain features for profit optimization and a variety of staking pools with compounding mechanics. Also it helps to track the status of the ecosystem within the cluster.

6) QiDAO (QI)

QiDAO is the first Polygon-based protocol that allows for safe lending and borrowing against stablecoins within the ecosystem. Thus, it plays an important role in the Polygon DeFi and complements the market.

7) Adamant Finance (ADDY)

*ADDY was the secret token from the list we have published a few days ago 👉🏼

Adamant Finance is an auto compounding LP on Polygon which shows rich protocol infrastructure. Thus ADDY is performing very well right now and has a very promising fundament for future growth.

Therefore, Polycluster contains the assets from different areas of the Polygon DeFi ecosystem covering this segment pretty well.

Expect a few more news very soon and keep in touch with DeHive🐝 via our social media:

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