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DeHive partners NearPad, a Launchpad & DeFi Hub of the NEAR Ecosystem🥳

Building strong partner relationships with leading projects in the industry is as important as developing a reliable product. And today, we are happy to expand our partnership network by collaborating with NearPad, one of the most popular projects on NEAR.

DeHive partners NearPad, a Launchpad & DeFi Hub of the NEAR Ecosystem

What is NearPad?

NearPad is a complex solution offering a DEX and a Launchpad that helps developers deliver innovative projects and enables users to benefit from products that scale within their needs. NearPad is a real DeFi hub for the NEAR ecosystem that is focused on interoperability, accessibility, negligible gas fees, and scalability of its platform.

“NearPad brings the best of both worlds’ to early projects. Projects and their community members can hold ERC-20 tokens to take advantage of capital flow within the ETH economy. While still getting the dynamic benefits of NEAR: lower fees and fast finality of transactions” — NEAR Foundation.

Partnership details

This partnership is another step towards our ultimate goal — collaborating with all the projects included in DeHive crypto indexes.

If you haven’t heard of DeHive crypto indexes before, these are yield-generating crypto baskets composed of the best-performing tokens within one chain or ecosystem. These tokens are carefully selected by DeHive specialists to represent a particular market segment and bring users maximum profit with minimum effort.

As a result of our collaboration with NearPad, we will include their token PAD into one of our upcoming crypto indexes. Besides, we plan on conducting several marketing activities that will benefit both projects.

We hope that this partnership will help DeHive and NearPad build strong communities and contribute to the DeFi market development.

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