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Good day, dear community! Yesterday we did a huge step on our way to the moon space🚀 Thou, we are glad to announce our partner who helps us with that — DEXTools!

Together with the DEXTools team, we will work to give the best trading tools for our community on the DeFi market.

DEXTools is the industry standard and central hub for DeFi traders from all over the world. It has been around 2 years on the market and has become a so-called gateway or standard for most crypto groups. DEXTools App provides a real-time data analysis along with supportive features for advanced trading on top of Uniswap and Sishiswap.

DeHive is glad to establish a long-lasting partnership with DEXTools. We see a huge potential in this cooperation that helps our product give better recognition and higher volume within the Uniswap environment. We see DEXTools as a reliable partner that will help us to move further and strengthen our position in such a competitive market as DeFi.

You can watch $DHV/ETH trading pair data from DEXTools via the link ➡️

Trade DHV on Uniswap🦄

$ETH/ $DHV trading pair ➡️

Trade DHV on Gate🔁

$ETH/ $DHV 🐝 trading pair ➡️

$USDT/$DHV 🐝 trading pair ➡️

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