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DeHive partners with DFYN💥🥳

We are glad to announce our strategic partnership with DFYN, which helped us turn our index into the first Cluster on the Polygon blockchain.

DFYN Network is an AMM-based decentralized exchange aiming to become an interconnected DEX with nodes spread on various blockchain ecosystems. Thanks to its multi-chain nature, DFYN enables liquidity swaps between supported blockchains and accelerates cross-chain operability of those.

What does this partnership mean to our hive?

🔹the DeHive index is evolving into a cluster – a much more powerful and profitable instrument;

🔹more Polygon users will be able to use DFYN token by staking a DeHive cluster;

🔹you’ll be able to yield farm DFYN as a part of the DeHive cluster and benefit even more from your crypto portfolio.

What’s a cluster, you might think? It is a tool with the economic value of an index, the optimization abilities of an asset management tool, and the profit generation of yield farming strategies. Overall, it is an instrument that will help any trader get the most out of their portfolio with minimum effort and maximum profit.

Here are just a few features available with the DeHive cluster:

💥the synergy of the protocols help you keep the portfolio stable in an automated way;

💥the rebalancing mechanism optimizes the numbers of assets in your portfolio to achieve the weighted balance. On the opposite of underlyings trading, the optimization mechanism aligns the proportion to keep the value of the index stable;

💥the cluster lock mechanism enables activating the profit accumulation strategies built upon yield farming protocols – it strengthens the portfolio of the user by the generated income;

💥Join the cluster and assemble the underlyings to form the stable, organized assets’ portfolio within the single instrument;

💥use cross-chain opportunities to assemble several clusters in different ecosystems so that you can cover all the promising DeFi segments.

Are you excited yet? So are we! We are happy that DeHive is evolving, getting new partners, and gaining momentum. We hope that this partnership and developing the DeHive cluster will help us grow together in Polygon’s ever-developing ecosystem.



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