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DeHive Partners with Honeyswap to Change the Crypto Game🐝🥳

Today, we are happy to share the news about one more strategic partnership that the DeHive team has just entered. Please give it up to the world-known DEX, Honeyswap!

This collaboration is part of our long-term goal (you might even call it a dream) of partnering with all the projects we include in our crypto indexes. This way, we strive to achieve a true synergy and create a safe DeFi space that would benefit both protocols and users.

DeHive Partners with Honeyswap to Change the Crypto Game

What is Honeyswap?

There’s no way you’ve never heard of Honeyswap, but still, let us remind you what this project is and how it works.

Honeyswap is a multi-chain decentralized exchange and a liquidity aggregator natively built on the Gnosis (former xDai) chain and currently supporting Gnosis and Polygon networks. The DEX was built by 1Hive, an open DAO that develops dApps and protocols.

The hallmark of the Honeyswap exchange is that it allows easy token swap with very low, stable transaction costs and enables staking and yield-farming opportunities. This way, the project lowers the entry threshold for new crypto investors and facilitates trading, which resonates greatly with what we do at DeHive.

Partnership details

As a result of this partnership, both our projects will benefit in several ways.

First of all, as a part of this collaboration, DeHive has added HNY, the governance token of the 1Hive DAO, to the de-xDai Cluster. Now, this coin is a part of our Gnosis-based yield-generating crypto index that helps users maximize their profit with minimum effort.

Besides, the DHV token, the native token of the DeHive platform, has been listed on the Honeyswap DEX, and you can easily find it in the app. We use Honeyswap as the only exchange on the Gnosis (former xDai) chain, so keep that in mind when using our platform.

And also, the Honeyswap exchange bar is now available in the DeHive app with full built-in functionality. We are sure that this will make our users’ trading experience much more pleasant and speed up their interaction with the platform.

Honeyswap exchange bar is now available in the DeHive app

As we enter the strategic partnership, we’ll also engage in common marketing activities, thus spreading the word about DeHive and Honeyswap projects and building our communities.

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