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DeHive 💥PRE-SALE🐝 Details

The DeHive pre-sale date is approaching! Start the final countdown and read all the details in this piece.

DeHive is the first-to-market ultimate DeFi Index protocol that allows its users to hold one index representing the top DeFi tokens.

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Keep up with the numbers

📅PRESALE dates: Start 02:00 PM UTC, March 24 — End 11:59 PM UTC, March 26

🧮QUANTITY: 500,000 DHV tokens



The pre-sale round is fully managed by the smart contract. The DHV token price in other currencies will correspond to the actual exchange rate of ETH and DAI at the moment of purchase. The price will be updated when the deviation reaches more than 3%.

*INFO FOR NUX token holders

Due to the recent partnership with Peanut protocol, we are glad to announce a special offering for NUX holders. 10% of the DHV presale hard cap can be acquired in NUX tokens. Please note, the same rules are applied to the NUX rate, so it will be updated once the deviation reaches 3%.

DHV token distribution

The total supply of DHV tokens will be 10M. The following graph represents the initial distribution of DHV tokens.

Read 🐝DeHive tokenomics🐝 to dive deep into DHV token utility & value.


📌After taking a thorough look into the ongoing market behavior and taking strategic sessions with our advisors, we have decided to establish a 10-month linear vesting model for DHV token holders.

All DHV tokens acquired during the private (seed), pre-sale and public sale rounds remain locked until the IDO date. Vesting will start following the IDO event at the end of April (26th — 30th of April).


Vesting type: linear vesting

Vesting period: 10 months (applicable for both presale and public sale rounds)

Vesting start: 26–30 of April, following the IDO event, (the exact date TBA)

❗️Find out more in 👉🏼DHV token vesting rules👈🏼post❗️

What if we don’t reach the desired hard cap?

Ugh, that’s a pity 😔. Yet in case of this, the unsold balance will be transferred to the future round, so public sale offering will be extended in accordance.

Thank you for the interest shown so far! Stay tuned for upcoming updates and tokensale official start and 👉🏼ENTER OUR HIVE:

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Team DeHive


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