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DeHive Releases Updated White Paper V.1.3🐝

The world is evolving, and so is DeHive. To keep up with our development team, we need to make timely announcements and amendments to the White Paper.

That’s why, today, we’d like to announce that we have just released the updated version of the White Paper that contains some new information.

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The main update is that we have finally added the concept of DeHive Clusters to the White Paper, so now anyone can easily understand what they are all about without scrolling through our blog.

Besides, we have redesigned the White Paper according to our brand style. We hope that you will enjoy it as well 😉

The rest of the information in the White Paper has remained the same, so there is no need to worry — the DeHive team sticks to our promises.

You can check out the updated DeHive White Paper here. And don’t forget to follow our social media to keep up with the news!

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DeHive is a decentralized protocol that allows the user to become a holder of the top DeFi tokens packed into one index with one click.

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