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DeHive Team Restructuring: Old Pals — New Roles

Dear DeHive Community, today we want to share a piece of very important news with you! As you might also see, our hive has grown and experienced a lot of substantial changes recently. Also, a few big milestones are already behind us and we have taken much from it as well.

Due to the fact that the market has revived very much, our mother company Blaize has a bunch of offers and development demands in the mailbox. That is why the lead management needs to think about the company’s further development and direction on the blockchain market. We have also recently launched an autonomic team of security auditors which also require solid leadership.

Blaize is an essential core of the whole development, analytics, and management behind DeHive so we need to strengthen it with a great manager and dedicated involvement. On the other hand, DeHive has grown a lot and turned into a full-fledged startup company, where daily processes are tuned and smooth.

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Therefore, we decided to divide the areas of responsibility and name Mike Morhulets as DeHive CEO. Mike will take the lead for the implementation of fundamental tasks while budgeting and strategic vision will be still coordinated by the mainboard, which includes Sergey.

Meanwhile, Sergey will be fully involved with Blaize and Blaize Security and remain in his strong position as DeHive initial founder and major advisor.

Another important change will follow the CTO position which will be occupied by Pavel from now on. Pavel is a first-class blockchain engineer and solution architect with Solidity and Rust as the core specializations. He has been leading the development process for 15+ projects in Blaize and gathered a very diverse experience.

Pavel played the main role in DeHive project development and delivery from the very first day and knows the architecture perfectly which makes him an exact match for this position. At the same time, Alex will handle the position of Product owner and will combine his role as Blaize’s CTO and DeHive mainboard member.

The CMO and CBDO roles remain unchanged.

We hope for your support and the further growth of our hive in the near future! Stay tuned for more news and don’t miss the latest updates in 🐝 DeHive media channels:

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