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Apr 12 · 2 min read


DeHive has prepared something very special for this Public sale round!!! Fasten your seat belts and relax on your seat as far as we are getting to the moon🚀🚀🚀 with a UNIQUE SET OF DeHive NFT BEES 😱🐝

Dear community, we value your support and engagement so so much! That is why the DeHive team has prepared our own set of 5 unique NFT bees that will help you with “honey extraction” within the platform.

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Yes, you are not sleeping! DeHive NFTs will not have just the value of uniqueness and collectibles. We decided to build it so that it can increase your profit while using the DeHive platform.

Well, the initial set will consist of 5 exceptional utility NFT tokens that will have the following features & benefits:

  • 2 DeHive Bees will give its holder the additional percentage of yield while staking the DeHive Index;
  • 3 other DeHive NFT bees will allow public sale participants (we will verify the address of the NFT against the public sale participants) to receive an additional bonus in the form of DHV tokens when this round ends (therefore, holders of those will be rewarded with the additional 20% bonus sent right after TGE event).

DeHive NFT token distribution

  • 2 DeHive NFTs will be put up for auction BEFORE public sale start

You can find the ongoing auction and get your own DeHive Bee via these links:

  1. Gordon Beeman DeHive Bee
  2. I’ll Bee Back DeHive Bee
  • 2 DeHive NFTs will be put up for auction AFTER public sale round
  • 1 DeHive NFT will be RUFFLED OFF AMONG PUBLIC SALE participants 😱💥🤑 ABSOLUTELY FREE *

3. Bee Like Krang DeHive Bee will be transferred as a gift!

*PLEASE NOTE: Only DHV Public sale participants are eligible to get the free DeHive Bee. The results and address of the winner will be announced on April 19.

Get ready for the Public Sale event to get the full power of DeHive NFTs!

🐝Join our NFT hive in Telegram🐝

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