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Get Ready for the First-Ever Yield-Generating Index in the NEAR Ecosystem🤩

Do you remember those times when all DeFi projects were talking about going “to the moon”? Well, pack your things — we’re leaving! 🚀🌔

Today, we are happy to announce our expansion to one more incredible blockchain — NEAR. A few months ago, we shared amazing news about DeHive winning a grant from the NEAR Foundation, and soon we’ll be ready to reap the benefits for you.

Alright, let us spill the tea: we are going to launch a new Aurora Cluster really soon. It will be the first-ever crypto index in the NEAR ecosystem, which starts with the Aurora chain.

Aurora Cluster — the First-Ever Yield-Generating Index in the NEAR Ecosystem

What is the Aurora Cluster?

Aurora Cluster is a yield-generating crypto index that contains the best-performing tokens from Aurora, a NEAR-backed EVM. All the underlying assets of this index were carefully selected by the DeHive analytics team to represent the protocol and optimize user’s returns.

The Cluster will consist of the most promising tokens, including a couple of native utility coins, AMMs, DEXes, and launchpads, which altogether create a well-balanced basket of crypto assets. This will allow traders to diversify their portfolio, mitigate the typical risks of the DeFi space, and get maximum profit with minimum effort.

Here’s a full list of the tokens that will compose the Aurora Cluster:

⭐️ Aurora (AURORA)

⭐️ Wrapped Near (WNEAR)

⭐️ WannaSwap (WANNA)

⭐️ TriSolaris (TRI)

⭐️ NearPAD (PAD)

⭐️ Rose (ROSE)

⭐️ Bastion (BSTN)

⭐️ SmartPad (PAD)

⭐️ Aurigami (PLY)

Please note that Aurora Cluster will not include DHV. You can buy it with ETH after connecting your wallet and switching the network to Aurora.

Why is it taking us so long to release the Cluster?

It’s been a few months since we received the grant from the NEAR Foundation, and all this time, we’ve been working on the Cluster. So why is it taking us so long?

The thing is that Aurora is not just another EVM chain — it is fully integrated into the NEAR ecosystem, so our work has to be done accordingly. To be able to develop on Aurora, we need to be capable of developing on NEAR, which takes much more time due to all the peculiarities of the protocol.

🔥 Find out more about the NEAR and Aurora ecosystem and everything it has to offer in our recent article.

Another factor is that Aurora has some transaction size limits, so our team had to start the work on the Cluster by building additional structures to match Aurora’s architecture.

Besides, we strive to make all our crypto indexes profitable, and Aurora Cluster is no exception. That’s why we engaged our DeFi analytics to continuously analyze Cluster composition so that we can update farming strategies in time.

All of the factors mentioned above have influenced the timeframes of the Aurora Cluster development. However, such a delay was necessary to deliver the most efficient and profitable product possible.

The final word

We are extremely happy to announce this launch! This Cluster will allow us to expand our platform to the Aurora and NEAR ecosystem and help more traders facilitate their investment game. If you are not one of the DeHive bees yet, join us and benefit from highly secure crypto indexes!

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